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    I Got the same speaker problem with my iphone 4s after updating... i tried reset but fail. I live in Brazil, the support is bad. any solution else?

  • Tapoori Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Guys, I was also facing this issue and cotacted the customer support representative. She forwarded my request to some senior and she asked to do full backup and restore as new phone. But nothing worked and when i insisted that their update has corrupted my phone then she replaced my phone with a brand new one though I was out of warranty. you need to be adamant and they will bow to your request since its fault of their own update. Hope it helps!!

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    I was having issues with bluetooth, iMessage, Nike + Apple, and Find Friends on my iPhone 4s with iOS 6.1.3. I just restored my iPhone via iTunes, and all my problems went away. I hope this helps.



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    I tried everything, then a friend, just moments ago, said "If you have a protective cover over your phone take it off and check that the "ring/silent" switch isn't switched to slient". I checked and problem solved.

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    I am having a somewhat different matter.

    I had my iphone 4 with 5.1 and then upgraded to 6.1.3.

    Now the phone is in a loop and reboots everytime the Apple logo comes up. I held teh home+power and connected to itunes to retore, but it won't restore.

    any ideas?

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    I too have been having problems with my Iphone 3 since the update. It turns on and off by itself. It will freeze when powering up. Keeps losing my connection, saying no service. I get error messages telling me to connect my phone to Itunes or it says I need to restore it. It has also given me a message telling me to activate it. I have also lost some of my sound with phone calls. People can hear me but I cant hear them. But if i put my phone on speaker than I can hear them. Now it wont connect to the calls or if it does it wont disconnect, it just keeps saying call ending. I have full out restored the phone to factory 3 times now and each time the problem seems to get worse. I have several friends who all have been having the same problems since this update! Whatz goin on??

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    Hi all I have spent around 6 hours today reading through threads blogs about wifi being greyed out on the 4s and yes i am suspicious that apple have made a mistake here and it has taken out a few million iphones, this has happened to my iphone today and i have reset it so many times it is no longer exciting, i have even restored it back to this is a new phone and lost everything. The next step maybe to take it to apple for a new one. If not i will have to look at another phone the new samsung 4 looking good. Apple apple apple what have you done.

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    I have an iphone 4S and my incoming text and phone calls are intermittently working.  My best friend has the same problem.  The three other iphones in my home do not have this issue.  I have done a soft reboot, hard reboot, cleaned the connector port with a clean toothbrush and rubbing alcohol toothbrush, and reset.  The mute button is NOT on and the problem continues. I am a physician and I NEED my phone to make a sound when I get a text or call!!  So now I have to go to an apple store and plead my case?  It appears from posts on this site that the iphone 5 can have the same issue!!  I am disgusted and frustrated with this company.  I will not purchase another apple product until this issue is resolved. The problems all started with software update 6 and each update since then causes more issues.     

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    hi i have iphone 4 after the latest update 6.1.3 my volume keys up and down,overall speaker sound is quite low too and swith to silent the phone also not responding..any help please my warranty already out...

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    They are not standing behind the product, and it's obvious that it's SW issue based on the issue and the number of users affected. One of the geniuses told me it's not related to the update and I should stay off of forums. They replaced my speakers for 60 bucks. What a  ripoff !!!

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    I've updated my iPhone4 to iOS6.1.3 and since doing so, my bluetooth connection is completely unreliable and the bluetooth seems to treat all speach from my iPhone running Navigon GPS App, as a phone call. Every direction instruction ends through the Jabra Cruise 2 handsfree kit, with "call ended".

    When im on a call and using the GPS App, it cuts outthe call to give directions and reconnects after saying "call ended". Neither person on the call can hear the other during this time.

    Ive never had these problems before. It would seem that updating to i0S has provided me little to no benefit, yet has rended my $70 GPS App and $120 handsfree kit, USELESS!!!


    I think this is the last straw for me with Apple. They've done nothing but dissapoint since the passing of Steve Jobs.

    On the other hands, the Samsung tablet I typed this on, impresses me every day.


    Apple have lost the plot......

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    This happened to my wife's 4S (loss of wifi and bluetooth - greyed out).


    It was in warranty and a 'genius' at the bar replaced it. The reason given was that 6.1.3 tests the wifi hardware more strongly than previous updates and sometimes stops it from working.


    Full marks for accepting the fault. I'm very happy with the service, in fact this is better than some other companies. Asus have totally dumped the early adopters for the Transformer. Don't buy and Asus transformer. I gave mine away in the end (£500 down the drain).


    However, I am now reconsidering updating my own 4S as this is not under warranty... unless Apple will stand by it regardless.


    What do you think the chances are?

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    I guess it depends on the genius you speak with because they took no responsibility for my issue and communicated the forums are not reliable. You shouldn't have to worry about accepting in upgrade from the provider!

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    Slim to none. Unfortunately.

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    reset all settings,after restoring and backing up the phone 3 times,worked for me! i hope it'll last! try it