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Has anyone experienced their iPhone 5 splitting at the volume button and then the whole iPhone starts to bend, I honestly don't know how this happened since I keep my iPhone in a case protected,haven't dropped or sat on it.. Just wondering if apple would repair this for free or would I have to pay if so how much cause I've only had my phone since Christmas? 

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3, Split and bent iphone
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    No, never heard of it.


    The only way you will find out how Apple will handle is to return it.

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    There are pic's on line of others that have experienced the same issue. Many of the pic's are excessive but it is a real problem. It has happened to me twice, it's not as rigid as prior designs. I use a mophie case now and that keeps it protected but is bulky. Element makes a thinner case that works as well. My bet is that you won't see an aluminum back on the next one.