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Every time I try to buy something through iTunes on my computer, and I've downloaded anything -even for free- on my iPhone, I have to re-enter the security code on my CC.


At the moment, this is actually making it impossible for me to buy anything from my computer at all, because the field is frozen. iTunes has a handy little red arrow pointing to the security code info it needs for my credit card, but --> it won't let me enter anything <-. This is iTunes running on Windows 7.


On top of that, I can't even edit my CC info online (see below). I have to go through my phone. This appears to be a bug.


So here's the sequence:


1) I start iTunes on my computer. I see an album I'd like to buy. I click on it.

2) I am asked for my password, twice, as usual.

3) I am asked to enter CC info. Since my CC# has changed, I try to change it.

4) I can't change the CC info; it won't let me, b/c it first demands that I enter the SC (security code), but the field is frozen, and I can't enter the SC.

5) So then I go to my iphone. Thankfully I have it with me. I enter the information there.

6) Then I go back to my computer, and of course I have to enter the password. Which fails (caps lock), gets locked, and I have to fix that (argh). But eventually I get in.

7) Then go to payment - now the CC# is correct, but I still need to enter the SC, b/c I am now on my computer instead of my iphone, and since "my computer or account has been accessed from a new computer or device," I have to enter the SC all over again (as I always do).

8) But, again, the field is frozen, and I can't enter the SC.


So, there I was, ready to spend $10. Now, 15 minutes later, I give up. Forget it. I'm not buying the music now. The moment is gone.


I am thinking that next time I decide to spend $10 on music, I will save :15 of my life and buy it elsewhere.




Powerbook G4, iPhone, Mac OS X (10.4)