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Hoping someone can help. I have a Mid-2012 MPB 15" (A1286). Bought it direct from Apple with a few extra add-ons (fastest CPU, 7200RPM 750GB drive, HD screen... not Retina).


Being an architect and developer I need to run Windows in Bootcamp from time to time. I have been having some issues running Windows 8 and recently saw that the latest Bootcamp should support it.


I have all patches applied yet when I run Bootcamp Assistant and get to the point of it starting I get a pop-up that states "This Mac only supports Windows 7." Then it asks if I want to continue. I have checked the support machines and mine is pretty much the latest MPB non-Retina model. What is going on?


I have 10.8.3 and I checked the Bootcamp Assistant version is 5.0.2.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to make sure this goes well.


I have used Parallels but sometimes I really need to go native for tasks for performance.


Thank you so much,



MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Hi VArterjr,


    Have you read through the Windows 8 and Bootcamp setup Guide? Maybe this will help you through your issue.


    Good luck.



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    Thanks... yes I have. I know that per the documentation my MBP (Mid-2012 15 Model:

    MacBookPro9,1) is on the list of accepted machines. I have all updates and so everything should be good. I have no idea what to do next.



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    Download the latest 10.8.3 Combo Update and install that. that may include the newest version of boot camp where as the Software update version may not.


    If that doesn't do it then run Boot Camp Assistant with a Win 7 DVD in the drive and when it gets to the partitioning phase eject the Win 7 DVD and insert the Win 8 DVD.


    Als download the version 5 boot camp driver package and save it to a USB thumb drive.

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    Thanks... That's what I did (well not actually... I just ignored the warning...)... I posted this in response to someone else's thread but thought I would mention here:


    I was able to get it working as far as I can tell. I just ignored the only Win 7 supported message and continued. Then I downloaded the latest BootCamp ZIP file from Apple and put it on a USB drive. I got through the Win 8 Pro install just fine. I then ran the BootCamp setup.exe from the USB drive and it did its thing.


    That seemed to work OK except my machine was HOT. I mean REALLY hot. I found some others that said to install the actual Windows drivers for the Nvidia 650M so I did that. Machine cooled down a lot but the screen was SO dim. I couldn't use it well. It would be fine on the login screen and then after loging in DIM. I could use the Apple brightness keys (1, 2) just fine but it was set at 100% brightness (even though so dim) so no good. I poked around in Win 8 a bit and turned off the setting that has Windows choose your brightness for you. Now it works great!


    Machine still gets warmer than when in OSX but livable I think.


    Next step was to try and use Parallels to let me access the BootCamp partition from inside OSX. No go. During the process in Parallels 8 you get a warning that the OS isn't supported and it may screw up your licensing. Oh well. One step at a time.