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Hey everyone!


I just got a copy of FCS (FCP 5.1, DVDSP4, etc.)  and I have several questions about Qmaster:


1)  I do have a black MacBook in addition to my G5.  Is it possible to wirelessly (via wifi router) to use both machines with Qmaster and make a tiny "render farm?"  If not wirelessly, what about vis firewire?


2)  If that isn't possible, is it a necessity to install Qmaster if I am only using my G5 desktop for my editing, etc.?



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Black Macbook 2.4 Ghz
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    Don't use wireless and don't use firewire.


    What you need is a simple gigabyte ethernet hub and a couple of cat 5 cables.


    Honestly though, I don't know that your setup will yield much benefit.



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    Thank you for getting back to me.  Although, there's one part left to answer:


    Is it a necessity to install Qmaster, or can I leave it out and save myself 27 gigs on my hard drive?

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    If you want to run a distributed processing operation, you must have the same version of Qmaster on all the machines. It is the mechanism used by all the computers talk to each other and run Compressor.


    Qmaster should not take up 27 GB of space. It is really a very small application + the relevant codecs.



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    Thanks for the response.  I don't know what to tell you about the size of Qmaseter.  When I was about to install the whole suite, I thought it said 27 gigs, so I stopped and came out here to see if I could save some space.  Maybe I misread it.  I will check when I go to try to install again.

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    You don't have to install everything. Select what you want…and deselect  what you don't want. Besides, most of the heavy files are A/V content – irrelevant in your case.