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My monitor just went out(3-27-13) and I never was told about this recall until I started to look up why my monitor wasn't working. And know Apple says it will not replace my graphic card. What should I do????


I tride to pluging a monitor into it and nothing happend. Once talking to people they believe that it is my video card that has gone bad, even apple on the phone said that was the issue they believe.


It seams like Apple should still honor the recall even if it is out of there time frame, since I never got a notice to go get it replace and my screen was fine at the time.


I purchased my Macbook Pro around the end of 2007


Any Help is appreciated.

MacBook Pro
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    either pay to get it fixed, or get a new computer.

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    Your laptop has lasted over 5 years with no problems.  I know of no computer company that will replace any components after 5 years no matter what the cause of the failure.  Even service contracts are pretty much limited to no more than 3 years.


    There is only so long that a company will wait for customers to come in for recall servicing.  They have to draw the line somewhere.  5 years seems like an acceptable time to say no.


    Sorry, but Apple isn't being difficult in this case.  There may be times when they are difficult, but not here.