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Contacts on my office 2010 not syncing with iCloud

iPhone 5, Windows Vista, Contacts not syncing with iCloud
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    Check the iCloud Control Panel: Start > Control Panel List View > iCloud:

    1. Sign in with correct Apple ID used with iCloud on your device.
    2. Put a check mark next to top selection of Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks with Outlook.
    3. Click "Apply" and save changes made here.


    Check iCloud.com Contacts

    1. Go to iCloud.com > Sign in with your Apple ID used for iCloud on your device > Open "Contacts" > Check the listed contacts and groups are properly displaying as they are seen on your device or computer


    If the above simple setup and checks do not solve your issue seek further help from the support article here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3998

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    I have worked through the support article. I have iOS 6.1.3 on my iPhone and not willing to go to iOS 7 just yet as I have heard about some concerns out there.

    If I delete contacts from iCloud they disappear from my iPhone.

    However whatever I do I CANNOT get any new iPhone contacts to go to iCloud.

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    Just worked out my issue. The contacts I have been adding to my iPhone have been going into another group that does not get synced. I have now changed my default contacts account and that should ensure that when I add contacts on my iPhone that they go to the right place.