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    Ok - iOS updated and found that if i switch on Wifi, the phone hangs altogether and I have to hard reset it to get access to other apps inclusive of making calls.


    After bringing the system back alive after hard reset, I should refrain using the 'non-existent' wifi functionality of my iphone - Not even to check if this works by chance! Now, even connecting to 3G has an impact because connecting to wifi will make the phone unresponsive.


    People with similar problems, please advice if there are any workarounds for this. 

  • SmaugRedDragonheart Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    You really don't get what people are trying to say,

    The point is that it's a pain in the but and consumers should

    Not have to do all these steps continuously

    To fix wifi that should be fixed and not replaced indefinately

    Or bandaged. It doesn't matter what people signed for

    But I know I didn't sign something like that. 


    Lots of people are very busy and to do these kinds of steps

    Repeatedly forever even though someone says they have done these

    Steps, doesn't mean they actually can afford to

    Do these steps every single time.


    Learn your English

    And learn to look at the whole picture from outside the

    Box looking in. You seem the type who rather watch people

    Act like drones. Your job is probably data entry TJBUSMC1973

    at some bank

    Which is not for everyone, people mostly like what keeps

    Them interested and not do the same things over and and over and



    You don't need to be so negative by criticizing anyone. Be nice

    And enjoy life and help people.

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    As for others I feel for ya am experience same issues

    I hope someone or myself will find a permanent solution.

    One time people will say p off to apple because there other phones

    That are better but don't get me wrong, I waited a few years to

    Get the iPhone, a fan I am but losing that though.  Take care guys. 

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    This problem with IOS 6.1.3  is somewhat fortunate that it happened on the one 4S phone in my family, because it made me aware that a software update can overheat hardware by overworking a phone and also made me understand that Apple will ignore the problem and leave their customers to deal with it. So based on this knowledge I am now cautious and less trusting about recommended software updates and so have not updated the iphone 5's and other devices in my family to the IOS 7. And thank goodness, many people I know tell me the battery drain is much worse with the IOS 7. So ironically this issue may have actually helped me out to some extent.

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    I haven't noticed excessive battery drain on iOS 7

    You can always download the firmwire file from your iTunes in order to prevent your device from overheating due to downloading the update.

    I have updated to iOS 7 after repairing my wifi problem and still everything works fine.


    TJBUSMC1973 what you say is really funny that wifi issue is not sth that apple needs to deal with as it is not a safety risk!!

    People have paid extra bucks for using all iPhone capabilities, without wifi, iPhone is as good as NOKIA 1100 which costs 1/20 of iPhone. So don't tell ppl to stop whining as their phone still makes calls and rings !

    People who are out of their warranty still deserve to have their iPhones fully functional without the headache of sending, paying for, restoring, .... their iPhones.

    How would you feel that you buy a Lamborghini that after one year ONLY moves around at the top speed of 150Km/h and has no A/C, cd player, radio, navigational system , .... ?

    You would be OK with that and believe that the company is not responsible for what has happened to your car for no reason !??

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    Thanks for the info. but being burned by the 6.1.3 update I think though I'll sit the IOS 7 update out, or at least wait until I hear more about it. I dont think I need it anyway.  What a hassle, having to worry about simple software updates.

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    Update of 6.1.3 effected my 9 year olds ipod touch 4th gen today. Called apple and they said they knew nothing about it and won't fix cuz it's out of warranty. Now hes out an ipod cuz we can't afford to replace and apple won't own up to it...


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    If your wifi has already greyed out, what's there to lose? Do the update. It may fix your problem.

    Before you do, let the device cool down naturally by keeping it off for 3-4 hours before doing the update.

    And download the big firmwire file (1GB) with iTunes and not with your iPhone.

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    I'm in the same boat-Grayed out WiFi.  6.1.3 with high battery drain with a very hot iphone 4s.  Want to do a restore which can only happen with update to 7, which I don't want.  Or restore from icloud, which can only happen over wifi.  Which doesn't work.  Catch 22.  So I bit and did the restore to 7.  Still no wifi.  The 4s is 1 year and 4 months old. 


    Apple, are you listening?  The iphone 4s wifi has problems.  That should be a very cheap goodwill repair.  And 39 pages of us so far agree with no good software fix.

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    Half of those 39 pages were TJBUSMC1973 ranting and raving about his religion called Apple and its messiah: Steve Jobs.


    I had the exact same issue as yours. I was out of warranty too. Now my issue is fixed and has been so for the past 3 months. What I did was leave the switched-off phone face-down on the dashboard of my car on a hot day for 15 mins. Maybe not the best idea ever but it worked.



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    Add me to the list of very unhappy users, who now have a $600 phone that is doing more or less same job as $50 phone would do.

    Update to iOS 7 does not fix the problem. It is ridiculous that $600 phone users have to do heating up/freezing tricks. Especially since it gives to some of them only temporary fix.

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    after "heating up" my phone and upgrading to iOS 7... miraculously the issue has not come up again...

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    Sorry ppl I forgot to add something about the wifi problem

    And that is, my wifi issue start before the up grade and

    I thought to take the last up grade ( not 7), to hopefully

    Fix the no wifi switch.


    Does anyone know if when I sync with iTunes, does the

    Back up, back everything on my iPhone, like all

    My apps, settings etc?

  • SmaugRedDragonheart Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    And yea I got that somewhat batt fast drain often but

    Then other times it seems normal drain so I find that weird.

  • Sid Harper Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    If you set encryption on then all your passwords and settings will be backed up. I believe also all your photos. Definitely not your apps - they will need to come back down from the cloud (but you've already purchased so will show as such in the app store). Not sure about music.