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Can anyone help with this problem I have with DVD Studio Pro.


I have created a new showcase wedding DVD to give to prospective clients

I have a main menu where you can view wedding one or wedding two

And have a menu for each wedding which will take you to a menu giving you the option to view

The main feature film, service or speeches

On wedding TWO when viewing the main film or service or speeches, if you decide to watch any of the films in full up to the end it returns to

the main menu (denoted as the end jump) for that wedding which is fine....but, and this is my problem....


If when watching any of the films in wedding TWO the viewer decides to go back to menu the DVD goes to the menu for wedding ONE! - wrong.

Bit if you decide to to do the same when watching any of the films in wedding ONE the DVD goes back to the wedding ONE main menu - correct.


Now I tested this in the simulator and also burned a DVD and tested on my TV same problem.

Also for some reason my menu button on the simulator does not work!


I would be grateful for Amy advice or help on this issue.



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