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Okay, so I understand that if I want to upgrade from Logic Pro 8 on a PPC G5 to Logic Pro 9 that I can purchase a full version Logic Pro 9 Studio 2.0 with an Apple order number of MB795Z/A. My question is this: Are there any Logic Pro 9 upgrade versions (retail or academic) that I can use to upgrade to the binary Logic Pro 9 verious 9.0.2? If so, what are the Apple order numbers that are applicable so that I can know that I'm getting the correct upgrade?

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Just buy Logic Pro in the Mac App Store for $199. No upgrade, no special installation.

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    Thank you for the suggestion but Logic Pro in the Mac App Store requires 10.6.8 or above. My PPC G5 is not an Intel machine and can not utilize Logic Pro beyond version 9.0.2. I know, why not get a new Mac. I'm rather fond of my G5 which is why I'm trying to upgrade Logic Pro 8 to Logic 9.0.2. I would imagine that there must be an upgrade version that is appropriate. Am reaching out for someone who might know.

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    Logic Studio 2.0 is - for many years (I think at least 3) - Intel-only! Versions before 9.1 are simply no longer available in the market.

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    I really do appreciate your responses. My question has to do with determining which Apple order number for an upgrade to Logic Pro 9 will result in a version 9.0.2. Let me be more clear. On sites that sell items from private parties (such as Ebay) I can buy Apple order number MB795Z/A, which is the retail version of Logic 9.0.2, for $379.00 right at this moment. I already have Logic Pro 8. This means that all I have to do is buy an upgrade to Logic Pro 9. As of this very moment, there are six or more Logic Pro 9 upgrade sets available on eBay. I thought that I would pose the question here since I would think that others may have been in my position. I am assuming that Apple has more than one order number for the various upgrade editions that they have produced. Also, I'm not sure that Apple would specify on the box which version of Logic Pro 9 would be included in the upgrade. Thus, I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge, based on the Apple order number, of which Logic Pro 9 upgrade would result in version 9.0.2? I'm hoping that someone with an extensive knowledge of Logic Pro 9 and the various Apple order numbers associated with the product might know.

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    I am not sure that this happened, because the change was silent. Apple never needed to communicate the loss of PowerPC, because Logic Studio 2 was never officially compatible to begin with. That it actually worked till version 9.0.2 was an "undocumented feature". When they added 64-bit support to Logic Studio 2 they simply updated the DVDs in the box.

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    I too am a registered user of Logic Pro 8/Logic Studio 1. I recently bought the upgrade to Logic Studio 2.1 from eBay (from a company that has surplus boxed left-overs, authentic and new sealed, for a lot less $ than what you saw on eBay BTW). However, the version I got in that box is Logic Pro 9.1.1 so it is far beyond the 9.02 that you need for a PPC Mac.


    I think that by now, all the boxes bought up by surplus vendors from when Apple closed them out will all contain more updated DVDs than what you need, because when Apple stopped selling Logic Studio boxed, the discs had already been updated, like Blueberry said.


    Unfortunately on the discs it does not state what the version of Logic is, so you'd have to find somebody selling theirs (who have already opened their boxes and used the discs) who could actually tell you what version is on the disc. But the problem with buying someone's used item is you'd have to somehow make sure they really did deactivate it and are not using it anymore NOR are they going to use that serial number when it is time to upgrade. That's why buying it new is the best way, and there are still legitimate new ones on ebay when you look... but unfortunately they are newer versions than what you need, I'm afraid.


    FWIW, my box says MB798Z/A LOGIC STUDIO V2.1 UPGRADE PRO, so it is NOT what you need.


    Sometimes, if you know of a little mom-and-pop music store that doesn't have a fast turnover of software, you can sometimes find really old software that they weren't able to sell. Also some stores going out of business, or liquidators that bought out the merchandise from them.