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When I creart new events, they now automatically are asigned to the top calendar group (as listed on the left side of the iCal screen).  When I try to edit the event and asign it to a different calendar, the menu only shows the calendar groups, all in grey, not the individual calendars. 


When I go to preferences to investigate what's going on, I only see the calendar groups, all in grey, not the individual calendars.


When I click on the "+" sign in the top-left corner, same problem, only the calendar groups appear, all in grey.


Why can I suddenly not access these calendars when editing an event?  Why do they stop showing up in the editing menus? 


The calendar still show up in the list menu on the left. I still can add new calendars and new calendars groups.  The problem occurs when I try to assign an event to a specific different calendar.

iCal, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), iCal problem
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    Footnote.  As far as I know, all my iCal files are stored on my Mac, none of them on iCloud (as far as I know).  But my contacts are stored iCloud. 

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    Yes.  I too am experiencing this on my MacBook Pro.


    I haven't found any solutions yet, but did find another discussion posted here (iCal won't recognize calendars in a calendar group), so there are at least three of us dealing with this.


    Here's hoping someone out there will see this and have a solution.



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    Saw your post Beth over on my thread but I thought I would respond on this one since we're all here.


    Hi y'all (^_^)


    Sorry to meet under such horrid circumstances, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one.

    I've found out a few things that didn't work so here's the list to save you both some heartache.


    No type of re-install fixes is. Not a partial reinstall of the OS where you keep your data or a full wipe.

    Checking your permissions or scanning the disk for errors doesn't work either. Creating a dummy user account to see if the problem ports over is a waist of time. If you don't have free support on your machine don't spend money on opening a ticket.


    The problem is specific to the Mountain Lion release 10.8.3. The only fix that I have found while I wait on apple is to regress back to 10.8.1 (18.8.2 has the issue also) . . . reverting isn't hard to do with this nifty program I found but nearly impossible for me as I purchased my iMac in February of this year and the firmware came with 10.8.3 in the recovery partition. I've been scowering the net looking for anyone with a 10.8.1 full install dmg (not the update) but everyone either thinks I'm pirating software or doing something impossible so needless to say I'm still running 10.8.3


    But all is not as bad off as we think. The problem is only with Calendar (or contacts, whichever place originated the problem as I have found the majority of people on the net who have encountered this did so while in the Contacts program not Calendar). This is a good thing! Because since the problem is unique to the software of origin (Calendar for us) that means we can still use use Calendar and the cross-program functions of Calendar (like creating an even from mail or inviting someone from your contacts) as if nothing is wrong. All programs that read event or calendar files work just great, only Calendar is having the issue. In other words, keep using Calendar like there isn't a problem.


    This is a hard pill for me to swallow because I see that there is still a problem and I am itching to fix it. My obsession is only causing me to drink. I have tested this theory by creating a whole new schematic on iCal where I have 6 new Calendar groups all with at least 3 calendars in it and multiple events. (I'm a small business so they're not just dummy events). The great news is everything works like it should as long as I take precautions.


    Here are those precautions:


    1 - When creating a new event MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE CALENDAR YOU WANT THAT EVEN TO BE IN since you won't be able to use the drop down and choose later because it is greyed out for us.

    2 - If you run into this loop where you can't save changes to an event (happened to me a few times when the problem first materilized) just pop the calendar that even is inside to the base calendar list. In other words, take the calendar out of the group, make your changes, then click and drag it back into the group. Even if the event is recurring everything will be fine. Groups only alter the hierarchy of how iCal stores and displays the files, not the files themselves which is why other programs aren't having a problem reading them.


    After I made my slew of new groups I tried a few things out to make sure everything was actually still working and it all came out perfect. You can still publish, sync to google, or iPhone, or android and things will display just as you expect them too. Reminders even worked. The problem is ONLY inside iCal and even then only when trying to use that drop down menu.


    Long story short, if you can deal with knowing in your gut that things are f.u.b.a.r but keep going about using iCal as if it isn't, then you will survive the long wait (prob 2-3 weeks) until the 10.8.4 patch comes out or worse yet the 10.8.5 major release this summer.


    Sorry this is such a long post (and for the misspellings) but sharing is caring so let's get through this together. Plus I don't know about y'all, but I spent 3K on my iMac so if this b!tch ain't gonna work like it's suppose to then it better be because of something major. . . I figured you all might be feeling the same so I should tell you just how major this bug is. And it is major, so much so that people are literally creating programs to disenfiect 10.8.3 out of their machine. If the application developer working with me comes up with a fix I will update the thread. Until then, try not to pull you hair out (~_~)

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    Hi guys,


    So I just had a One-to-One session.  He was also flummoxed as to why this is happening, but did have a couple helpful things:


    1. This problem is happening on all computers, it's not unique to something on our machines.  My trainer created some dummy calendars and calendar groups on the floor model and the same exact thing happened.  I have a late 2007 MacBook Pro, so I was worrying a little that it might be due to the age of machine, but yay it isn't!  Plus it's always nice when the problem repeats itself in front of the "experts" so you don't feel like you're going crazy.
    2. If you create an event in the wrong calendar, you can simply highlight the event, cut (Command-X), click the correct calendar, and paste (Command-V).  This is not ideal, but it is easier than having to do a bunch of retyping or having to keep popping your calendars in and out of their respective groups.
    3. You've likely already done this, but make sure that your default calendar is set to "selected calendar."  This means that if you click the calendar you want and add in a new event it will be automatically assigned to that calendar.  If you do that and it turns itself into a different calendar, then go to iCal preferences, click the General tab, look near the bottom of the window, find the pull down menu next to Default Calendar, and choose "Selected Calendar."  This will save some headaches from having to constantly do the cut+paste trick to get your events in the right calendar.
    4. Lastly, the trainer pointed me to a site for consumers to report bugs directly to apple.  That site is:  bugreport.apple.com.  You access it with your Apple ID.  Bad news is that aparently it is only available to registered Apple developers, which I am not, but if you happen to know one, please ask them to send this off to the engineers for us.

    So, no solutions yet, but a couple of reasonable work-arounds and some more info.

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    Thanks so much Beth, I had TOTALLY forgotten about bugreport! I am a registed Apple Developer so I went ahead and reported the bug. It's probably a bit of overkill on my part as I've been speaking with a few different Tier-2 support techs down in Texas, but whatever helps right (~_~)


    I can't link to the bug report because you guyz wont be able to log into the Developer site, but for reference the tracking number for the bug associated with our issue from that site is 13552608. Over there I linked back to this discussion in hopes that all of our trouble tickets will start to be centralized within their issue tracking software.


    I agree with you 100% Beth, nothing makes you feel more sane than talking with someone whose job it is to help people through problems like these and have them go, "Well look at that. I see what you mean. That is a problem."


    Fingers still crossed but I've gone a few business days using iCal and no "issues" unless I try to use that dang drop-down. I'm starting to look at it like the dust in my guest room, if I don't go out my way to see it face to face then I can fool myself into thinking it doesn't exist. LoL

  • HVE llc Level 1 Level 1

    I have same problem.  Can't find solution mentioned on web.


    My "solution".


    I've a genius bar appointment to reinstall 10.8.2.


    Has anyone tried that?


    Very best!

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    Did you purchase Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and are reinstalling to that or did you purchase a different release and are regressing your edition to that one. I'm desperate to do the same that's why I'm asking.


    Good Luck! Please let us know how that turns out.

  • HVE llc Level 1 Level 1

    thank you.


    was at 'genius bar,' trying to get solution to calendar problem, unsuccessfully. 


    found this threads linking similar experience to 10.8.3 upgrade.


    showed this to genius bar genius who offered to re install 10.8.2 .


    haven't done this yet, so don't know if solution works or not.


    for what it's worth, he was unfamiliar with problem and circumstantial cause.


    judging by posts on topic, it is very recent. 


    will keep you all posted.


    very best,


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    Hello all,


    I've got the same problem. Hopefully this'll be fixed soon, but while we're waiting, you might like to know that you can move events from one calendar to another by dragging the events onto the calendars in the source list. Not great, but a little easier than cutting, selecting a new calendar, & pasting.


    Good luck!

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    If not even drag and drop helps and you don't have too many events to change, you can use another Calendar-device like an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

    By synchronising your events, you are able to change the calendar category on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. If you synchonise your calendars a second time, the changes which were made on your "extermal" device will be transferred to your Mac.


    Hope there will be an easier way soon, but that's how I changed the categories without using the iMac calendar.

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    I posted this over on the other thread, started by tonya.lightfoot, so this is a repeat.



    It's Aug 30, 2013 and I also have this issue.  I'm running OS 10.8.4.  Just this morning I did some system updates, the ones suggested by the automated software updater.  Before the update, iCal worked fine.


    The work-arounds given here are a help.  I also learned that I could go to Preferences --> General and set my default calendar to "selected calendar".  Now what ever calendar is highlighted in the sidebar is the one used when I make a new event.  (Before I had my preferences set to chose a particular calendar, so this new bug was more problematic.)


    I also do not have the problem when adding event from Mail, and as best I can tell, the events are *in* the relevant calendar, I just don't get to choose calendars in a group from the event details view.