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Can anyone who has updated their system to 10.8.3 and is still noticing the lag/unresponsive button press issue with Logic Pro 9.1.8, reply to this thread with the following info please


1) System specs (inc Amount of memory, Processor speed, Insteranl and external HD speed and connection type.. and Graphic card memory)


2) Running Logic in 32bit... 64bit or both?


3) If running Logic in both modes, is there any difference in the noticable lag between the two modes?


4) Which specific AU Plugins (Botyh built in and 3rd party) seem to cause the Lag issue when added to a project


5 )Any other Audio based hardware connected to your mac (i.e. UAD2 for example)


6) Midi and/or Audio Interface used.


7) Any other noticable and repeatable issues present in Logic 9.1.8 apart from the Lag/Unresponsive button press issue.


Please note: Thiis feedback is requested from those who have the Lag/Unresponsive Button press issue and not the slow redraw issue....which may be unconnected to the lag isue.


Many thanks...

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    To get the ball rolling, I had an emailed report from a new client of mine this evening so I'll add this one to the thread..


    Steve A. from VI Studios


    1) 2011 iMac 3.4Ghz, 8GB mem, Internal HD 2TB 5400rpm Ext HDs twin FW800 Glyph 7200 1TB HDs, 1TB VRAM


    2) 32bit Logic only (No issues running Logic in 64bit)


    3) N/A


    4)  Slate Digital VCC in particular... VTM to a lesser extent.


    5) None


    6) Presonus Audiobox Studio


    7) Constant nagging about Airplay still present in Logic.