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I just updated from Snow Leopard to Lion and have had all of the frustrations with changes to iCal that are well-documented here and elsewhere.  One issue I haven't seen addressed, however, is a new behavior after quitting and re-starting.


Previously, no matter what month/day/week I was viewing when I quit iCal, it would open the next time to the current (month/day/week).  Now, it opens to whatever date(s) I was last viewing when I quit.


This is highly annoying - 99% of the time, if I quit iCal while looking at (some date 6 months into the future), that is NOT the date I'm looking for when I re-launch.  It's much more consistent behavior to always re-open to the current date, in whatever view (month/day/week) I previously used.  So if today I launch iCal and I'm thinking about adding an event a month in the future, I open iCal, change to month view if needed, and go forward one month.  This is the way iCal always worked previously.  Instead, the version in Lion might leave me on any random month, depending on what I was doing when I closed the program the last time, and so I have to figure out "what month/week am I looking at?" before I know how to navigate.  Very irritating.  (As is the move of the forward/back buttons away from the month/day/week buttons, necessitating that I move the cursor to two different areas of the screen in order to navigate.  Whose idea was THAT?)


I haven't found a preference to resolve this bizarre behavior change.  Can anyone help?