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I've been trying to pair my iPhone 5 with both ipad 2 and 4. While the iPads are paired and connect with ease, the iPhone 5 simply spins - no device found.

I have no problem with any of them connecting to an Android phone, so what gives?


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    Unless you're trying to Tether, your phone won't pair with your iPad. File transfer, by Bluetooth, has never been supported on any iPhone.

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    Thanks wjosten. I have just managed to pair the ipad 2 which is wifi - and had to turn on hotspot. The ipad 4 is 3G and they won't pair at all - actually won't find each other even. Really I'm trying to figure out a work around for updates - seems the iPhone has to have wifi to do any updates, which isn't always convenient. So, if I can get it to use the ipad as a wifi hotspot then I can update easily. Seems I will have to keep the android phone for this.

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    Are you trying to create a Personal Hotspot & connect your iPad? If so, that should work. Read here:



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    I think this is the problem:


    iPad or iPod touch: Locate the device that is sharing Personal Hotspot in Settings > Bluetooth and tap the device to begin the pairing process.

    Note: You cannot share your cellular data connection with another iPhone using Bluetooth.



    Since he ipad 4 is cellular then I suppose it won't work. Back to the android.


    Thanks for the link wjosten!

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    You're welcome.