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After using Final Cut Express for many years and upgrading when this was available I now find that I cannot access the application.  Today I went to use the application and it requested that I enter the Serial Number before proceeding.  This I did only to find that this was not accepted and I could not proceed to use FCE.  I have used it constantly since it was available but not during the past 4 months.  Does Mountain Lion make a difference although I would have thought that this in use last November.  Any clues to overcoming my problem as I would like to again us it.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), MacPro Computer
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    A. reg Mountain Lion - I don't know - still X.6.8


    B. yes I've updated system several times - resulting in request of Serial No:


    • To me there are at least TWO different ones as I upgraded FC in several steps - so there are

    - the first legal full version and No: connected to this - and -

    - every new up-date has it's No:


    And in my case it's been a logic as I can not really follow on which one is requested - so I've got all of them in a list to try when this happens next time.

    - It can be the one for the first full version

    - the one on the last up-date box

    - BUT some times the up-date before this has been the one that works


    Never figured out why - still all legally paid for - and still happy up and running.


    Yours Bengt W

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    As Bengt said, it's normal to have to have to enter your FCE serial number when you've upgraded your OS.


    A valid SN should not be rejected. Check that zeros are entered as zeros and the letter O is entered as letter O.



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    Also, l &1 can be confused when entering the number.

    As a general rule FCE serial numbers folow a 3 numbers and 3 captial letters pattern.


    Mountain Lion is no longer supported by Apple using FCExpress.

    I have FCE4 running on M Lion 10.8.3 and it does work.

    Users have varying experiences from won't install to mostly works, expect an issue somewhere.


    I would suggest a fresh clean install of the OS rather than upgrading over the top of an older version for FCE use.

    Having another disc as a boot disc for M Lion can save all your current info on your existing startup disc.

    When doing a clean instal of an OS the existing disc will be erased.



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    Many thanks for your help.  I looked back through my files on FCE and found a third Serial Number there which the application accepted.  I don't understand why the application suddenly wanted me to re-enter the serial number after successfully using the FCE for so long.


    Many thanks much obliged. All is working well.