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I'm trying to find out what and how I can delete as much as possible from my eMac so I can use it for Garage Band and internet only. I deleted most of the language files already. I'm trying to create as much space as I can so I can use it for just recording and surfing the net for music and video. I also want to keep Itunes. I would like to get rid of things like the mail, and whatever else is possible to get rid of so It will run faster and perform better for recording. Is this possible or even a good idea? Thanks.

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    What model eMac is this?

    How much RAM is installed?

    What version of OS X are your currently running?

    How full is your hard drive?

    Why not just simply purchase an external hard drive and store all of your data there?

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    Hello MichelPM, Thanks for responding. All the info is below. I'll start off by saying I don't know much about this, obviously, that's why I'm here. I have thought about an external hard drive, but I know nothing about them or their cost. I figured by deleting what I don't need I won't have to spend money. I went through and deleted nearly all of my personal files, folders, and pictures and it's still slow. I have to restart it daily and surf the web on private browsing. I get the rainbow wheel a lot! Safari locks up and doesn't respond daily. I used Onyx and it says I need to... oh, I can't think of it now... says I have to reinstall the OSX CD to fix the start up. Problem is, I don't have it. I'm just trying to salvage it for Garage Band so my son and I can record.


    Machine Name:          eMac

      Machine Model:          PowerMac6,4

      CPU Type:          PowerPC G4  (1.1)

      Number Of CPUs:          1

      CPU Speed:          1 GHz

      L2 Cache (per CPU):          512 KB

      Memory:          256 MB

      Bus Speed:          167 MHz

      Boot ROM Version:          4.8.2f1

      OS X 10.4.11

    OS Extended (Journaled)

    Capacity: 37.15 GB

    Available: 18.89

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    So, you deleted all of of your personal data? You didn't need any of this? Do you have data backups?

    Do you use another computer/Mac?

    Most people just don't arbitrarily decide to delete all their personal data of their computers.

    So, I assume you have this data,,elsewhere.

    I wouldn't delete any applications, but if you have more personal info to clean out, do it.

    Also, do a search within your eMac for Printers.

    You can delete printer drivers for printers and manufacturers you are not using.

    Anyhoo...the reason this eMac is sooo slow isn't because of what is of the hard drive, but because of your serious lack of RAM memory.


    256 MBs of RAM is the absolutel bare minimum for the OS X version you're running!

    You can still buy RAM memory for this eMac. RAM is cheap, now.

    This eMac can take a total of 2 GBs of RAM.

    Get it, install it! Installing RAM inro an eMac is relatively simple.

    Here's how to install the new RAM.



    You'll see a big difference in operation with 2 GBs of RAM.

    Buy Correct and reliable Mac RAM from online Mac RAM sellers Crucial memory or OWC (macsales).

    Also, if you need the original eMac system discs that came with your eMac, you can call Apple direct at 1-800-MYAPPLE and ask for software sales. Tell the rep what type of eMac you have and they will ask for your eMac's serial number. For less than $20 U.S., they will send you a set of replacement system discs for your eMac.

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    I agree that RAM or, rather, lack thereof, is the major problem. but be aware that Crucial will not tell you that your computer takes 2GB RAM :



    They only show what the outdated Apple specs for that model state, which is 1G RAM. Go with OWC on this one. I bought a 1GB stick for our eMac with the "PowerMac6,4" or "USB 2.0" logic board from them and it works perfectly. This is the one I bought:


    1GB PC2700 DDR 333MHz CAS 2.5 184 Pin DIMM


    Your eMac is a non-cataloged model that was sold only to educational accounts when new. They are beginning to show up in the used market and are much faster computers than the previous 1Ghz model due to a faster system bus (167mhz instead of 133mHz), handling more RAM, and the presence of faster USB 2.0 ports.

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    The Mac OS is not that big and I am reluctant to delete part of it just to gain back a gig of HD space. The fact that you do not have restore disks makes me even more averse to recommending you dump system files. If you find you removed something critical, you can't restore it.


    This is a long shot at this point but, if you are in N. America, phone Apple at 1-800-MY-APPLE and ask for a system software specialist. Have your serial number at hand because you'll need it. Give them the serial number and they can see if they still have system disks for your computer. Again, a long shot but you'd be surprised at the odd system disks they have found. If they have disks, they are probably in the order fo US$15/each--much cheaper than the price a copy of the in-demand OS 10.4 or OS 10.5 system disks on the open market, where they sell for more than today's value of the most capable eMac.


    In additions to MichelPM's excellent advice to eliminate unneeded printer drivers, the other safe removal step, assuming you don't need them, is to remove foreign language support. You do it with this utility:




    Let me again emphasize the need for proper system disks before trashing system files.

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    Okay, so basically it's my lack of knowledge here. I don't need to delete anything. I need to add RAM. So I can try to get the discs from Apple and redo everything, buy the RAM and install it, and basically have a new computer that works well enough to use for a while until it becomes too outdated?


    I'm assuming Crucial and OWC are online computer parts retailers? As you most likely tell, I am clueless when it comes to computers! Haha!


    Also, I do apologize for taking so long to respond. Work has been busy.


    Thanks for all your help!





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    Hi Allan,


    Thanks for all our help and info. I'm starting to understand what i have to do. I posted another reply to Michel. I'm not well with computers. I can use them, but it's quite obvious why I'm here! LOL! I do appreciate your help!


    I'm going to go to the site you posted and buy the RAM and go to Michel's site to learn to do it. I'm gonna call about the discs too, and try that. If I don't have to delete stuff, I won't. That was just my thought that I had to do that to fix the problem and get some use out of the computer.


    I'm assuming someone updated the OS X at some point and the computer can't handle it? You said it was a faster computer. This computer and fast should not be in the same sentence!!! haha! I got this from a college kid and I have no idea what has been done to it.


    Here is a few questions I have that maybe you and Michel could be so kind to help me out with. I hope it's not too much to ask. I'm just trying to get educated enough to make this thing work it's best.


    Is "USB 2.0" another name for PowerMac6,4?

    Non-cataloged? I don't know what that means.

    What is the best most updated OS that I could put on this eMac?

    How good is this computer overall and compared to all other eMacs?

    I read that most or all video players, like Flash players, won't work anymore. I'm even having trouble with youtube. Is there a player that will work for video on Facebook that you know of, because Flashplayer doesn't  update the version anymore?

    If I get the discs and redo everything, I'm thinking I could delete the languages after that. Is there any other useless stuff I can get rid of?

    What's keychain and airport, and do I need them?


    Thanks for all your help!

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    You mentioned an external hard drive. I'm a musician and I would like an external hard drive, or two for a backup, that I can transfer songs and demo's to from Garageband. Do you know anything about that, and if so, what would be best? If I could get a portable one, even better.


    Thanks again!

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    Hi Robbie,


    Short of time today but I'll hit the high spots:


    Is "USB 2.0" another name for PowerMac6,4?


    Yes. In addition to USB2 ports, the 6,4's have a faster bus (167 v 133 mhz) and will handle 2GB RAM.


    Non-cataloged? I don't know what that means.

    It means Apple never showed it in its regular retail line. It was made especially for the education market and sold only through Educational resellers and directly to schools. All it means was that Apple sold it to a school who eventually spun it off on the used market (assuming you got it used).


    What is the best most updated OS that I could put on this eMac?


    OS 10.5.8, If you call Apple an tell them you have a new iPad that needs 10.5, they may sell you a copy cheap. You need to use the 1-800-MY-APPLE number---it's not on the web store or in the retail outlets.


    How good is this computer overall and compared to all other eMacs?


    IMHO, it's the first of the "better" eMacs. The USB 1.1 eMacs struggle today. A fair number o the USB2.0s are still chugging along because they can run 10.5.8 better. The best is the last--the 1.42G. No history of problems and has a nicer video chipset that better supports the video technology in OS 10.5. Ours almost runs YouTube contents without the hacks (see next section)


    I read that most or all video players, like Flash players, won't work anymore. I'm even having trouble with youtube. Is there a player that will work for video on Facebook that you know of, because Flashplayer doesn't  update the version anymore?


    Pretty much true as Adobe abandoned the PowerPC Mac not long after Apple did. I'm not the expert on that. Look in the PowerMac forum for posts by Texas Mac Man. He routinely posts links to some third-party workabouts that help with Flash content,


    If I get the discs and redo everything, I'm thinking I could delete the languages after that. Is there any other useless stuff I can get rid of?


    Printer support can go. Only install software for the printer you have.


    What's keychain and airport, and do I need them?


    Keychain is a built-in password manager that's been around since OS9. It is neither a RAM nor hard drive hog. Airport is Apple name for their wireless communication technology. They have a router called and Airport base Station and many Macs have a wireless card built in that is called, well, an "Airport card." Again, the software support for these is not a hog--I'd leave both alone. If your eMac has a wireless card installed, you need the Airport software. You can connect to any wireless router, not just the Apple ones, with that software if you have the card installed.



    I have strong thoughts on the external drive issue. You can choose one that works well for this Mac plus will make the jump to a newer one if you upgrade. Will need to do that later today-sorry.


    See ya!

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    Awesome Allan! Thanks so much! I feel much better knowing I can salvage it and get some use out of it. Glad I asked about the Airport. My son was asking me about a wireless router so he can use his laptop and ipod, and also bluetooth, a CD and DVD burner/writer. Is there a book or dvd or website, something that you could recommend to me that would teach me about all this computer stuff, or at least get me started? I know you guys are on here to help, but I feel bad asking all these questions.



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    You need to see if there is an actual Airport card installed to use wireless technology with the eMac.

    The Airport card, if there is one installed, is located behind the CD drive door. The card is inserted into a slot designed to connect the proper Airport card.

    If this is no Airport card installed, not a big deal. The card is not as fast for wireless technologies as other alternatives. Even if the card is installed, you can use a faster WiFi alternative.

    You can purchase and install a USB 2.0 Wifi dongle.

    Here is one I particularly like for better WiFi speeds over USB 2.0.


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    If you to learn more about Macs and about OS X, the links I  will give you are for more recent versions of OS X.







    There should be enough here to get you started.




  • Allan Jones Level 7 (33,942 points)

    Don't get too excited yet. The wireless Airport router (transmitter) is not inside the eMac; it is a separate piece of gear bought separately:


    Wireless capability (receivers) was not standard on the eMac--it was always an option. This article showing how to install or replace the receiver card will also let you see if you have a card installed:


    How to Install or Replace an Optional AirPort Card


    The device that MichelPM linked is the best wireless option if your eMac does not have a wireless card fitted. You have USB2 ports so the device will actually run faster than the original wireless cards. I just bought one for our eMac 1.42Ghz.

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    Okay. It is easy to see that you want to free up space in the eMac, seeing that they come usually with a 40 or 80 GB internal hard drive, and are quite hard/dangerous to disassemble and replace said drive.


    I would seriously consider an older reply to this thread, about using an external, for a number of reasons.


    1) Even if you were to purchase or salvage a larger internal drive, eMac's do not use SATA, instead they use Molex and IDE. Pretty much all modern drives are SATA.


    2) Deleting parts of OS X, even the small stuff, is not recommended, as it's there for a reason. Applications are an exeption, but anything from either the /Library or /System directory should remain as it was.


    3) External drives can be daisy-chained to your liking, meaning more storage for you.

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