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I have had a problem signing into my itunes store for quite a while with error 11222 popping up and have been trailing the net for a solution. I am running Windows 8 with AVG Internet Security 2013. And this was precicely the problem. The built in Family Safety feature prevented me from accessing the itunes store.

Here is how I solved the issue.

Go to http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4123 and download the autorun to your desktop. Once installed, open autoruns.exe and click on the "Winsock Providers" tab. I had 2 entries from Apple for the Bonjour service and the rest was all for AVG Family Safety. I deleted all the AVG entries and that solved the problem.

When restarting the computer at some point the Family Safety resets itself so you would need to repeat the process.

But other than that it works a treat now.

Hope it helps

Windows 8