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I can't install windows 8 with bootcamp. When bootcamp assistant has made the new partition and it restarts, it tells me that there is no bootable disk (although I have made a bootable usb drive with bootcamp) and when I want to boot from the usb, the windows installer works. It asks me to format the partition, but then it gives me an error that it can't somehow install windows on the partition.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), No Optical Drive
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    When Windows installer asks where to install Windows 8 you chose the BOOTCAMP Partition.


    Installer says it can't install to that partition because it needs to be formated to a format Windows 8 can use.


    There should be an option button near the bottom which brings up a new window with the option to format the partion. Select the BOOTCAMP partion and select FORMAT and use NTFS.


    I am writing this from my memory so the Option button may be called something else but you need to get to the formating window.


    After formatting you should get a NEXT button and Windows 8 will begin the installation.


    Let us know how it goes.

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    I know this, I've already installed windows several times, but appearently it was the usb stick that wasn't suited. I used another one and then the installation went without any problems.


    Thanks anyways.