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I have a mid 2012 entry level retina MBP (2.3 GHz i7, 8Gb ram) and recently installed Star Craft II under OSX.

Compared to the framerates posted by other users or in hardware reviews, I get abysmally low framerates.



Resolution close to 1440x900 (this one is not supported, but there are closeby resolutions), settings on "Ultra": 18-20 FPS. Settings on "High": 20-23 FPS.

Compared to what notebookcheck measured, this is a fraction of what I should be getting: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Apple-MacBook-Pro-15-Retina-2-3-GHz-Mid-2012 .78959.0.html

Other tests and user reports report similar framerates to the ones notebookcheck found.


There are serveral posts on low framerates and most of them seem to be solved by an SMC reset which I have performed multiple times to no avail. Also the SMC update released by apple at the beginning of this week changed nothing.


"Automated Graphics Switching" is disabled, so the GT 650m should be forced. Safari with few a tabs open (no flash) and dropbox is usually running in the background. My install is realatively clean with only dropbox, skype and a tex distribution installed.



I decided to run some more tests and bootcamped Windows 7. There SC2 runs better, but even if I play at a reasonable resolution (1440x900) and cap the framerate at 30, I get many 100ms "hickups" and the SC2 FPS tool indicates GPU temperatures of 90°C+.

These hickups can be observed in other games as well (e.g. Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Dead Island). No other programs (other than steam) running in the background.


I would like to take the machine to a local apple retailer, but I doubt they will have a performance table for games. I'm afraid to be told "everything is normal" and have my time wasted. Is there any way to produce "hard" evidence of the problem that increases my chances of being taken seriously?


Any help is appreciated!

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), Windows 7