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I created my Apple ID years ago and along with it I joined the support forum. I've read through many threads that have helped me use my Macs and iDevices to their fullest. After making a few changes to my profile recently, I realized that I'd like to try to contribute back to the community. Since I joined so long ago, I created my user name without putting much thought into it. It would be wonderful if one of the regulars here could let a community host know that I would like to modify my user name and I can get to helping others as they did me!


Many thanks!

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    Well, we can convey the request, but usually nothing will be done unless it represents some personal security threat. So, either you keep the one you have or create a new ACS account with a different Apple ID and create a new handle.


    I have passed on your request.

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    Thanks for the follow-up! It actually does contain an identifiable "real-world" name. At the time I must not have been aware of the ramifications of choosing it.

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    Do you know the typical timeframe a it takes a host to respond to a security issue such as this? I'd like to start getting involved in other discussions soon if possible. Thanks again for the assistance!

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    We could not give catagorical advice on this; there are too many variables (work load, number of people available etc).   But if you haven't had an email within 24 hours my guess is you won't get one.  


    As Kappy says, creating a new ASC account is a practical option; it is not as if you have reputation points to lose by doing that

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    Unfortunately, in order to create a new community account I would need to create a new Apple ID but I've made too many purchases on my current one that I don't want to lose. Wouldn't this be considered a privacy issue given what I stated before?

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    There's nothing to stop you using one Apple ID for iTunes and another for these forums.