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I'm a newbie to FCP and shoot videos with a Canon Rebel T3i. Obviously, I can copy the .mov files from the SD card to my Mac and edit in Final Cut Pro 5, but it's a bear (slow rendering time and whatnot) and I'm never impressed with the video quality output once I'm done rendering. Specially, the files I am trying to work with now are in 1280x720 format, 60 fps.


Here are some questions/scenarios:


1. Can I import my video files straight from my SD card into Final Cut Pro 5 (seeing as I only have Log and Capture and not Log and Transfer)?

2. Can I use Compressor or some other program to convert my files to a more FCP-friendly file?

3. What setting must I use in FCP to import my HD files and export them as HD files?



Final Cut Pro 5, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • Russ H Level 7 (20,300 points)

    1. Yes, but you won't be happy working with it.


    2. Yes, and that would be whatever HD editing codec you have in your QT library…hopefully Pro Res 422.


    3. Some flavor of 720p60. (I don't have 5.1, so I can't be more specific.) The sequence settings should be Frame size: 1280X720 frame size, Pixel AR: square, Field Dominance: None.


    I'd use a card reader and copy everything to a media drive. Then transcode (MPEG STreamclip is faster than Compressor). Then import.


    Good luck.



  • Russ H Level 7 (20,300 points)

    Oh. Forgot the export part. When your edited sequence is complete, export QT current settings. Use that as your master fille and encode as necessary for delivery.



  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,795 points)

    Hey Russ, he has FCP 5, which doesn't do ProRes.  The best option for FCP 5 is DVCPRO HD.


    Use MPEG STREAMCLIP or Compressor to Convert to DVCPRO HD...with matching frame size and rate as what you shot.  Then, choose the DVCPRO HD Easy Setup that best matches that as well. 

  • Nick Holmes Level 7 (29,990 points)

    >3. Some flavor of 720p60. (I don't have 5.1, so I can't be more specific.)


    DVCPro HD or (perish the thought) Apple Intermediate Codec.


    Edit.... Drat you Shane!

  • Russ H Level 7 (20,300 points)

    Thanks Shane and Nick.


    I should have held my fire. (Although I did add "hopefully" to my Pro Res.)



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    Thank you for all of your help.


    Now, I have problems with Compressor. After I import the file, I go to Settings > Advanced Format Conversions > DVCPRO HD 720p60.


    After I select that, I go to submit the batch, and am met with this dialog box: "Cannot submit batch. Cannot connect to background process.:


    What does this mean/how can I fix it?


    Thanks, again!

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    Actually, I was able to update my software and everything worked out!

    Thanks again everyone!