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I'm a newbie to FCP and shoot videos with a Canon Rebel T3i. Obviously, I can copy the .mov files from the SD card to my Mac and edit in Final Cut Pro 5, but it's a bear (slow rendering time and whatnot) and I'm never impressed with the video quality output once I'm done rendering. Specially, the files I am trying to work with now are in 1280x720 format, 60 fps.


Here are some questions/scenarios:


1. Can I import my video files straight from my SD card into Final Cut Pro 5 (seeing as I only have Log and Capture and not Log and Transfer)?

2. Can I use Compressor or some other program to convert my files to a more FCP-friendly file?

3. What setting must I use in FCP to import my HD files and export them as HD files?



Final Cut Pro 5, Mac OS X (10.7.5)