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Help ! Whenever I press the Eject button, It says its ejected, the mac makes funny noises, then the disk reopens. (The video starts to play again)
I dont know what to do. Please help

MacBook Pro
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    Try these options:


    Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 4.25.14 PM.png

    Credit Kappy.



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    Hi illeatyou7,


    Five ways to eject a stuck CD or DVD from the optical drive


    Ejecting the stuck disc can usually be done in one of the following ways:


      1. Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the

          left mouse button until the disc ejects.


      2. Press the Eject button on your keyboard.


      3. Click on the Eject button in the menubar.


      4. Press COMMAND-E.


      5. If none of the above work try this: Open the Terminal application in

          your Utilities folder. At the prompt enter or paste the following:


            /usr/bin/drutil eject


    If this fails then try this:


    Boot the computer into Single-user Mode. At the prompt enter the same command as used above. To restart the computer enter "reboot" at the prompt without quotes.

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    Tried them all. If anymore, I believe the cd is "stuck" in the laptop ?
    Whenever I tried them all. it does this:
    **makes weird noises*
    **Makes more weird noises*
    And then the video for the CD pops up.
    I cant go to the genius bar anytime soon. Because the nearest one is 3 hours down.

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    Also, My follow up question is, Should I go to the genuis bar ?
    Where else can I get this fixed ?
    I want the CD to be back in one piece, since it is my mothers wedding day photos.

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    If you are mechanically inclined, you may take the optical drive out of the MBP and open it to take out the CD.  It will require a #00 Phillips driver.  Instructions for the extraction of the drive can be gleaned from videos on the OWC website and picture instructions on the iFixit.com website.



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    Thank you. I will attempt to do this.
    Other than that. I may try to go to the Apple store in the future.

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    I had the same issue, I tilted my macbook on its side while pressing the eject button and shook  it gently up and down trying to use gravity to help the disc eject. This worked and the cd poped out.

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    I just have to say thank you! My disk has been stuck forever and I did all of those above 5 steps, but tilting it to the side did the trick! You have no idea how frustrating this has been for me, so I am glad its finally worked.