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Hi all.



The main reason I installed Boot Camp in the first place was to run audio apps like Sound Forge natively.  But I'm finding the audio playback under Windows 7 64-bit to be pathetic and wholly unusable.  With no other applications running on my late-2008 iMac with 4 GB of RAM, I can't play any audio without massive snapping and popping about once per second.  Useless.  I had far better audio than this on Pentium machines in the '90s.



I have the latest Realtek driver installed.



The problem occurs no matter what the source, through both the analog and digital outputs.



UPDATE: Found the problem (thanks to this post: http://brianreiter.org/2010/08/16/fixed-boot-camp-audio-pops-and-crackles-with-w indows-7-x64 ).


It's the wireless networking driver.  Pretty pathetic, but you have to disable the wireless adapter under Windows if you want usable audio under Boot Camp.

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