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I bought 13" Macbook Pro a month ago. Still have over 300GB of free space.

It recently started giving strange boot time-frames. It seems like the longer I work/browse/watch movies, the longer it takes macbook to reboot after that, giving 3-15 minutes.

Today I got a new record - 17 minutes of boot time. When I restart after two times in a row - it lowers down back to < 1minute.


  • No RAM replacement (4GB onboard)
  • No HDD replacement (500gb)
  • Everything is like NEW!


Tried flashing PRAM. Helped only for a day or two.

Tried cleaning the programs that starts at boot. Preferences --> Users&Groups --> Logon

Tried SAfe-Boot and specifying the harddrive

NO BootCamp or Parallels installed.

All updates are installed.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.1.3
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    If you do a normal reboot or shutdown, the Mac actually restarts all the stuff you left running on it the next time it starts back up.  Sounds like you're just leaving stuff open all the time and not properly closing out of stuff.  That said, hold down the Option key when you press Shutdown and you'll see it changes the wording from "Shutdown..." to "Shutdown".  Do that and the next time it starts back up, it won't autostart all the stuff you left running.  Try that and see what you get on the next clean startup.

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    I'd always restart with that "Reopen windows..." checkbox unchecked. But I tried your suggestion anyway.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to solve the issue. I just got 3.5 minutes of boot time.


    Do you think it could depend on the number of times I put it to sleep before I restart?


    The only software I have installed is Office 11 and LIghtroom & Photoshop

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    No, also the checkbox on the shutdown screen isn't the same as what I'm talking about.  That keeps the windows from poping back up, but the programs still seem to launch unless you do the Option+Shutdown or Restart choice.  Anyway, unless something is goofed up with your OS, which is possible or there's issues with your hard drive (doubt that since it's practially brand new), you souldn't be seeing this issue.  I will say this however.  I have a client who's got a brand new iMac and after they installed Creative Cloud on it and a few Adobe programs, restarts tend to take a while for some reason.  Go figure...

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    have you tried Verbose start up? To see what takes so long? CMD V


    My SSD needs idle time because of heavy use - I keep it at the login screen once a week while at work...

    Could maybe be Trim or Garbage Collection routines that get choked....

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    This actually showed something. It hang for about a minute at some point before showed

    macx_swapon SUCCESS

    I guess it's the problem. Need to start investigating. Thanks.