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I was trying to test out the "Lock" function on my iMac using my iphone. The mac restarted and booted normaly into the OS. But when booting into the Partitions (alt when booting) it always requests the passcode. Also, Find my iPhone also says that the iMac is still locked. How should i go about resolving this issue? I suspect I have fallen thorugh a whole in the system?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion
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    If you boot without alt/opt, it boots normaly to your desktop?  You're only seeing a passcode when booting with alt/opt?  Do you by chance have file vault enabled?

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    That's correct. FileVault is not enabled

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    I'm not sure which question "that's correct" was answering, so it's hard to go from here.

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    When i boot without alt/opt, it boots normally. when booting with alt/opt, it asks for the passcode before it will let me get to the partitions.

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    If it was locked with your iphone, it shouldn't let you boot at all.


    What you're describing sounds more like a firmware password was setup, if file vault isn't enabled.


    Is the password box a single, long box for entry?  Or is it segmented, meaning individual boxes you have to enter a code?

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    Just to correct myself, if it was locked with the iphone, it'll boot, but stop you before you get to an actual login screen, wanting the passcode there.


    If it's a firmware password, you boot normally, but if you boot with alt/opt, it'll ask for the password before showing the start manager.  This seems to be your situation.


    If it's locked with an iphone, you'll also experience the latter, but shouldn't be able to get to a desktop at all.


    Edit -


    By the way, does it accept your pass code?  If it does, boot into recovery, select utilities and the firmware password tool.  Does it say the firmware pw is off?


    If none of this applies to you, the only resolution I know of is a genius bar appointment.  Maybe someone else knows a better way.

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    Thanks for the help. Didn't have to do this in the end. It wasen't a firmware password. It's an bug with Find my iPhone. I booted into internet recovery (cmd + R) on boot and it asked me for the passcode, the mac rebooted straight away and the passcode was removed.