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I have the utilities on one USB and the other contains the windows operation system. I have downloaded the iOS disk utility onto my desktop, so when prompted in bootcamp I just save it onto the windows op USB?

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    What do you mean by IOS disk utility. IOS is for iPhones etc, what is it really?

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    Your Windows 8 iso file you can just save temporarily on e.g. your MacOS desktop. Bootcamp will use it when building the Windows8 installation falsdisk.

    When I prepared my Mac for Bootcamp I did it in two steps. First I created a Fash disk with all the drivers etc, then I did the partitioning of the harddisk and the creation of a second flashdisk (whish is the Windows8 install disk). When using Bootcamp this second flashdrive just stays attached to your Mac while Bootcamp does its thing.

    Note of caution: after Windows 8 was installed you are supposed to run the Bootcamp utiily setip (that I created on the first flashdisk). Unfortunately, by doing so my Magic Mouse started freezing on&off in Windows 8. I resolved this by reinstalling Windows 8 and installing the drivers I wanted one by one (the bluetooth ones). I got the display and sound drivers directly from Intel for my MacMini 2011 (with HD3000).