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This has been ask quite awhile back but is there a way to copy calendar events on an iOS device, i.e., iPhone? I've not found any way to do it so far except on OSx and then waiting for it to sync which does not help when you mobile. I have posted feedback to Apple incase it cannot be done.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,375 points)



    Out of curiosity, under what situation is it necessary for you to copy calendar events?

  • Timon Family Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's simple I'm surprised you asked.


    Say your at your doctors and you need to set your next appointment. Rather than enter a whole new one you could just copy the current one and paste it to the new day and time. Much faster. You would do this for any appointment you make while at the current one.

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,375 points)

    Copying and pasting would not be that much faster if the time for the next appointment is different from the appointment time being copied.

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    It's much faster. You kept all of your notifications and any other information you added to the event. When I do it on my Mac it takes my about 10 seconds to copy the event. It wouldn't take any longer on my iPhone.

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    Not if the time if the time is different and then not a true copy.

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    I had exactly the same issue today: I had to enter a new appointment to the same doctor.

    My original calendar event contained informations such as: title, address, notes, alerts.

    It would have been a great if I could have just copied the original event and just change the date.

    Instead I had to enter all the information all over again

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    I've experienced this need for some time, especially when trying to enter recurring events on multiple days of the week (e.g., Monday and Wednesday classes recurring weekly for a fixed period of time). I can set up one class day to recur weekly, but can't copy to the second day of the week. This is easy in Outlook, and should be easy when mobile too.

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    I'm surprised anyone would question this need also. Try entering the practice/game schedule for your kids' soccer season while mobile. MacBook; easy. But not on iPhone! Most practices/games are same time, so C/X helps immensely! And easy then to edit this once copied. I share my two boys' sports calendars with family/friends, so I put as much intel in calendar as possible including location. I know you wouldn't want to enter all that new for every like event. If you want to do that, toss the phone and go back to Day Planner. :-) Timon, I hope Apple hears our cry soon! Thanks for post.

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    I have a lot of appointments and things in all my calanders ( iphone and ipad) and it takes just a few seconds to set up a new appointment. I understand what you are wanting to do,  but I just don't really see the huge need for this as it isnt that complex or time consuming to just enter a new one. I'm sure you can understand that the phone can't do everything for you... there are some things we still might need to do

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    New appointments aren't a big deal, no. On Mac OR iOS. But I'd REALLY be ticked if there were no C/V on MacBook Pro! I agree that we can still do some things on our own; but I'm not asking it to do the dishes. Just implement a function that's already in iOS.  

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    I have the same problem which is why I came to this site for a solution.  The best solution I've found is an app called "Fantastical". It allows you to duplicate an event and then move that event to another day/time. Fast and easy but pricey. It's $20. I think I bought it when it was on sale for half that.  Two week demo is available at


    New options may be available with OS 7 but i haven't found it yet.

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    Amen to these comments. I think that it is a shame that the IOS calendar can not copy or duplicate an event, like the OSX does. I have many appointments that have a lot of info in them, and as soon as I get a new appointment date, such as a doctor appt., it would be so nice to just duplicate the event, and place the new date into it, rather than having to retype all of the info. I usually just ask for an appointment card, and then wait till I get home to duplicate the event in my Mac calendar. Not very efficient and not a good use of the technology.

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    I am also confused as to why anyone would have to ask why you would want this function. However, there is another app that allows you to duplicate appointments. I used it on the iPhone to enter my son's soccer schedule for the season. Worked like a charm. It also has some nice task management abilities. It is called Informant.

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    I work shifts and wanted to enter them quickly from the printed rota at work. Copying an event would have made entering a months dates a whole lot easier as I only do three different types of shift!

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