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Can I use Final Cut Express 4.0.1. to import movies from Panasonic VDR-D250 via USB 2.0? How? (page in handbook?)


Further specifications of this older camera:


USB 2.0


DVD-RAM (cannot be inserted in my MBP!)


50-PAL (signal)




Dolby Digital


I want to use FCE if possible but maybe could try to install the software of this camera on Windows virtual XP also on my MBP?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,260 points)

    I don't have this camera or ever used one.

    I have read through the manual and found this out:

    Panasonic bundle the camera with software and a USB specific cable for connecting.


    Load the Panasonic supplied Pixe VRF Browser EX software into your Mac and import the files with this application.


    Next use Streamclip to transcode these files to FCE user friendly ones.


    Probably Quicktime DV matching your video standard, PAL by the looks of it.



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    I can't open the link to Pixe VRF Browser EX!


    Can you please tell me the whole link?


    There is one DVD in connection with the camera of Panasonic but only for Windows.

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    You refer to a software which is not for free?


    I have installed also the software of Paragon to be able to read and write data (NTFS - HFS and vice versa).


    Is it possible to import the movie with the software which works in Windows XP (I have installed Windows 7 via bootcamp on my MBP and also virtual Windwos XP) and then import it into Final Cut Express?


    I would prefer an easy solution and no further costs ...

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    As mentioned the software was Panasonic specific that was budled with the camera.

    I have no idea how bootcamp will perform with FCE.



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    I forward an answer of Panasonic (written in German):


    So Panasonic does not offer a software which is compatible with Apple!


    Bezug nehmend auf Ihre Anfrage teilen wir Ihnen mit, dass der Camcorder

    VDR-D250 die Videoaufnahmen nach dem DVD-Videostandard sowie nach dem

    DVD-VR-Standard aufnehmen kann. Wir können jedoch nicht beurteilen ob Ihre

    Software Final Cut Express 4.0.1 die Bearbeitung dieser Standards

    unterstützt. Seitens Panasonic wird weder eine Apple kompatible software

    noch Support für Apple Geräte angeboten. Wenden Sie sich diesbezüglich

    bitte an Ihren Apple Händler oder Ihren Computeradministrator. Die

    mitgelieferte Software des Camcorders ist ausschließlich für folgende

    Betriebssysteme vorgesehen:


    - Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

    - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

    - Microsoft Windows XP Professional


    Ob diese Software in einer virtuellen Umgebung genutzt werden kann ist uns

    nicht bekannt. Um die mit dem Camcorder aufgenommenen DVDs an einem

    Computer-Laufwerk auslesen zu können müssen diese vorab mit dem Camcorder

    finalisiert werden. Ausnahme ist die Verwendung einer DVD-RAM.

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    This class of camera records an mpeg2 format to a mini DVD.


    The data files need to be moved to the computer then run through either Mpeg Streamclip (free) or Clipwrap2 ($50 US).


    Try Mpeg and if does not work, give Clipwrap a try. They have a downloadable free demo. If it works, purchase the software to remove the demo's restrictions.


    Have fun.



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    Other than what has been discussed I can offer no more suggestions.

    Here is the section I refer to from the camera manual:


    Using discs on a computer (Macintosh)

    Using discs on a computer (Macintosh)

    Using Pixe VRF Browser EX and ImageMixer VCD/DVD2, you can create a DVD-Video disc (DVDRW/

    DVD-R disc) from the images recorded on this unit.

    ≥ Before using DVD-RW (VR format), DVD-RW (Video format) or DVD-R on a computer, finalize

    them on this unit.

    ≥ To create a DVD-Video disc, a separate DVD-RW/DVD-R/+RW/+R drive is required.

    ≥ Before initial use, select the software’s [ReadMe] in the folder in which the software is installed

    and then read through the additional instructions or updated information.

    ¬Connect this unit to the AC adaptor.

    1 Remove the disc from the unit, turn on the unit and then rotate the

    mode dial to select .

    2 Connect this unit and a computer.

    ≥ Do not use any other USB cables except the supplied

    one. (Operation is not guaranteed with any other USB




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    I assume that you do not have the camera manual of Panasonic VDR-D250!

    I have borrowed the comera today. There is only one DVD with software only for Windows (XP or 2000).

    It was possible to install the software on Windows virtual XP but not to open the movies there (via USB 2.0).


    It is possible to watch the movie via VLC Player installed in Snow Leopard. See attachmentBildschirmfoto 2013-03-31 um 20.53.44.png

    I was not able to import the movie in i Movie 0.9 or MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2. (version for free).

    I open Final Cut Express 4.0.1. "log and transfer" but was not able to import my movie there (is this really not possible)?


    Maybe there exist a specific test version of a software for free to import only two films for a short time?

    Has anyone of you already tried it?

  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,260 points)

    Have the discs been Finalized?


    Finalizing makes discs playable on other equipment.


    Streamclip should be able to read the DVD files.



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    DVD-RAMs (and Panasonic VDR-D250 uses DVD-RAMs and not DVDs) don't have to be finished!

    I need a software that is able to read the files of this specific camera.

    Might VRO indicate which software to use?

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    Three different mediums can be used in this camera:


    1) DVD-RAM (my movie) ... I ask for a software to be able to import the movie into my MBP

    (the movie can be cut in the camera of Panasonic)


    2) DVD-RW (DVD-VR ... has to be finalized) ... I do not know if there exists a software for DVD-VR (contrary to DVD-RAM?) for my MBP


    3) DVD-R (DVD-Video  ... has to be finalized) (the films cannot be cut in the camera and are not created on such a DVD-R)!

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    I got a hint to try to convert my .VRO films with the following software:



    I test it today but am disappointed that the quality of the movie as I see it on my MacBook Pro is not better than the movie on the DVD.


    I have chosen H.264 HD Video, high quality, 1760 x 1320 (4:3) (compare highest resolution of my camcorder Panasonic DVR-D250EG) codec name h264, fps 25


    Codec Name aac, 48000hz, 32000bps, 6 Channels


    I am not sure which settings to choose if I want to import this movie into Final Cut Express 4.0.1. later. Do you propose me to choose other settings?


    This makes only sense if the quality is good enough. I wonder because I use also an older camcorder of Sony which films show a better quality on my MacBook Pro being able to import it simply into FCE (PAL).

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    If the camera records standard definition PAL, the DVD is the best it is going to look. Increasing the number of pixels by 2.5x the original size is not going to do anything for image quality.


    Also, you do not want to convert the material to h.264. Convert it to DV PAL.



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    Do you know the original size of my movies? I confused it with the size of the fotos in jpeg. I was not content with the quality choosing "orginal" size ...

    I could convert it to DV PAL but I assume now that the problem ist the the camcorder has a small resolution (?)

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