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I wasted almost two days online trying to find a solution and use Remote to manage my iTunes Library with my apple devices, but nothing...

I am using iTunes on a Win7 laptop, an iPhone 5 with the latest iOS firmware and a new iPad with the latest iOS firmware version.

The three devices are obviously connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

There are no firewalls in place.

No proxy used.

Obviously the Home Sharing has been enabled on iTunes.

All devices are using the same Apple ID via Remote or Home Sharing.


Result: I can eventually see the iTunes library on my iPhone or iPad, but when I try to access it, I got the following:

- The Music app on the iPad crashes after a couple of minutes while trying to access the library

- On the iPhone after a couple of minutes I get a message "Cannot Connect to Media Library" or smtgh like that.

Same thing if I try to access the Library from within the Remote app, the library is there, but it won't connect.


I am using a BT hub 3 router in case the cause might be on the router side.

iPhone5, new iPad, iTunes 11, Windows 7