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iOS 6 changed my sync settings for my calendar & contacts and says my contacts and calendars "are being synced with your iPhone over the air from iCloud."  I do not use the cloud to sync with my outlook.  I did have iCloud turned on for my iPhone 4s, but only to use the 'locate phone' setting.  Everything else was turned off. I have since deleted the icloud account on my phone, and restarted it, but i can't get the Sync settings for Contacts and Calendars to change back.  I use this function almost daily, so I hope someone has a quick answer.  I would truly appreciate any help. 

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    What happens when you select Sync Contacts under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes?

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    Thank you for responding so quickly, Allan.  There is no option to elect under Sync Contacts. See image below.  IT says this for both Contacts & Calendars.

    Sync Contacts.PNG

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    You're welcome


    I'm syncing my business contacts over the air with a company Exchange account and my personal contacts over the air with my iCloud account, and I have the following available under the Info tab for my iPhone sync preferences with iTunes for syncing contacts direct with the Address Book on my Mac.


    Sync Contacts.jpg

    If you were syncing contacts over the air with your iCloud account, syncing contacts direct with a supported address book app on your computer should not be prevented.


    Any change after restarting iTunes and/or your computer?

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    That is what i used to see before the iOS 6 update happened.  Any ideas on how to undo an update?

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    And no difference after restarting my phone and computer.