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I am trying to store all my home videos of my child on DVDs that I can watch on my DVD player.  I don't need anything fancy, just a quick way to store all this video footage in case my computer breaksdown, etc.  I was trying to avoid using iDVD but maybe that is what I should do.  I just "burned" them but when I inserted the disc to the player it said no readable file.  So what do I need to convert the .m4v files to in order to watch them on a DVD?  I used Maxwell DVD-R discs.  Help please.  Thanks.


AppleTV 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    burn in a format that you know the DVD player can handle - Many DVD players can handle other than DVD formatted discs. It woulb probably be printed on the player or if it is a brand name player in the manual - Cheap one stend to handle more formats