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I recently upgraded my iphone 4 with IOS 6 and the upgrade was fine. Then I upgraded my phone the patch 6.1.3 and to my surprise after the update got completed all my screen colors have gone distorted. All pictures looks like I am watching an xray film. Also I see impressions of previous picture/screen on the next picture/screen when I scroll. Has anybody encountered this problem. This is very annoying as I can barely use my phone for anything else except for calling. This is so frsutrating.


I have tried to reset to factory & restore from backup but that didnt help either. I reverted to previous version IOS 6 and still no luck...!!!


Pls help ?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3
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    Aplogy for not being explicit in my explanation or if I confused you. I never downgraded, I rather upgraded from IOS 6 to 6.1.3. what I meant was that I tried revert to previous version but couldnot do so that either.



    Unfortunately, The suggestion doesnt helps either as its not a accesibilility Invert Colors option, rather its a screen refresh kind of issue. The impressions of previous image/screen are visible on the next picture/screen when I scroll. its like a bookmark impressions from previous image coming on top of the next image and eventually making it completely x-ray like after a while when I do a continuos scrolling.


    Also, this problem had come once when I first upgraded to IOS 6 but it got resolved after booting my iphone in RESET mode by presing HOME button & the SLEEP/WAKE button. After I upgraded wit IOS patch 6.1.3, the problem reoccured and the RESET trick didnt work anymore .. .