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    Hi that was an hardware problem and that's very specific for Iphone 4S's tey replaced wi-fi module chip and it's working wery well till now I am overlading keeping busy all the time with diferenet connections and still ok no drops.

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    so, can the Apple Genuis Bar fix the problem, or is it a "ship it off at a cost and have it replaced" kinda thing?   Didn't know if GB has hard replacement stuff handy .... thanks for the info.

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    Sands2k wrote:


    Add me to the list.


    Since I upgraded to IOS 6.1.3 my DIR 655 Dlink no longer works with either my Iphone or Ipad.


    Must be that at the exact time I upgarded IOS the D link tanked.


    Yeah that must be it.

    Download the latest firmware for your DLink router:

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    katefromkenmore wrote:


    so, can the Apple Genuis Bar fix the problem, or is it a "ship it off at a cost and have it replaced" kinda thing?   Didn't know if GB has hard replacement stuff handy .... thanks for the info.

    Try the suggestions here to see if they resolve your problem:



    If these don't work in your case you probably have a hardware problem. Visit an Apple store for an evaluation or contact Apple Support.


    If your iPhone is out of warranty you will have to pay for a replacement.


    See here for information on servicing (in U.S.)


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    I tried all the recommendations but nothing helped.  It started out that my phone would periodically disconnect from my home wifi -- then after several reboots and Network Resets and a completely wipe/factory defaults/restore to new phone through iTUnes and then restore from backup, my WiFi is completely greyed out.   Appears to be a hardware problem.  I have a Genious Bar appointment today - will see how much it costs to replace vs. a new phone.  thanks for the info.

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    You can add me to this list also.  It's 100% IOS 6.1.3 issue.  Ever since I updated to this version, my work wireless is no longer connecting and I just get the wait circle.  My home wireless is spotty and it just keeps dropping.  My 4g wireless router I use on the road can not connect to the iPhone now either. 


    So we are talking about 1 Linkys, 1 Cisco and 1 (can't remember what the portable 4g wireless router is called).  No way it's an issue with my routers.  Especially when everyone at work can still connect to the Cisco router EXCEPT a few others who are running 6.1.3.  Some are running 6.1.3 and not having problems so it's not everyone but it definitely showed up after all those affected upgraded to 6.1.3.

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    And you have tried what?

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    Rebooted every single device.  Cisco router fw is up to date.  Didn't bother with the other two because it sholdn't matter, it's a simple wireless connection.


    Obviously rebooted the phone.  Turned off wifi and turned it back on.  All the obvious things I would tell my users when they say there is a problem.


    No point in taking it to the GB because there's no way it's knocking a lot of my users off at the same time as the upgrade to the new IOS is related to a hardware issue.  If it was just my phone, maybe but when it's happening to a lot of my users at the same way it's a hardware issue.

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    vonger wrote:


    You can add me to this list also.  It's 100% IOS 6.1.3 issue. 


    If it's a 100% iOS 6.1.3 issue, why don't I see it on any of my 3 iDevices?


    If it's a 100% iOS 6.1.3 issue, why have people been reporting the same issue for 3 years with over a dozen different versions of iOS?

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    Didn't bother with the other two because it sholdn't matter, it's a simple wireless connection.


    Sometimes it isn't so simple, and this proves you didn't read every post in this thread.


    All the obvious things I would tell my users when they say there is a problem.


    No one here has any idea what you consider "all the obvious things". Does all the obvious things include resetting network settings on the iPhone? If no change after that, how about restoring the iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from the iPhone's backup to rule out this being a hardware problem?

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    Same fecking problem!!!

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    That was Sooooooo helpful!

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    I have to disagree with you Lawrence Finch. Do not assume that the people who post here do not know what they are doing. When there is an issue, there IS an issue, and it is most likely the iOS update if it started just straight after an update. What's obvious IS obvious and yes it DOES have a solution and that is Apple addressing the problem and fixing it.


    In my case, since updating to iOS6 my wifi has been slow and choppy. I have bought a new router, used inSSider and changed to channel 11 which was free, using 802.11N only, played around with 20mHz and 20/40 setting, network reset, reset this reset that you name it I have resetted everything. The sad thing is my wife's Nexus 7 tablet is solid with wireless connection. Both my iPhone and iPad has slow and choppy connection but my MacBook Pro is not affected. What does this tell me? Simply by painstaking process of elimination and optimisation of all other factors, it all comes down to iOS6 being the culprit.


    There you go, I have done everything possible from my end, trying to convince myself it is not the software update but what has it got me? Nothing but disappointment. I had faith in Apple but this is slowly fading away.


    It IS a software issue so try and not belittle the people who post here with the issues they are facing with iOS6.

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    I could not download the OS update and have gone to to the Apple Chat window online Wednesday night, May 15, 2013 for help.  The problem was not solved despite spending  2 hours with a very nice Apple Chat Tech guy, Nathan Werner.  Going over the steps we've gone thru, I eventually mentioned that the wi-fi toggle on/off screen is greyed-out and does not respond.  At that point, Nathan said he is sorry and that this problem is a known issue on the apple help site and if the factory reset does not work along with the other trouble shooting steps he's already done, that he can only direct me to the Apple Support group and gave me the 800-676-2775 number.  Having set an appointment with the Apple Store already the day before,  I did not bother to call the Apple support group any more.


    The following day, Thursday, May 16, 2013, I went to the Apple store in Walnut Creek, CA for my appointment.  After some brief questions, answers and explanations,  Dennis of the Genius Bar told me that the only remedy to the greyed-out wi-fi problem is a Unit Replacement!


    I have this phone for more than a year, so warranty has expired and I have to pay$199 if I want a replacement.  Since I did not do anything to cause this problem, apparently caused by the new OS update, I do not think that I have to pay for the replacement.


    Since a lot of us are having this problem, we should probably band together and ask for free replacement since it is not our fault that they created this problem in the first place!

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    Couldn't agree more. Upgraded to iOS 6.1.3 on my 4s and have been having WiFi connectivity issues in perpetuity. Talked to Apple support and went to my local "genius" bar. Both told me this is a hardware issue and told me I could solve the problem with my 18-month old, $800 phone for the bargain price of $199.


    This IS a software issue. All of us having these same problems with the same platforms at the same time with the same version of the latest iOS is NOT a hardware issue. I'm now going to have to pay data overages on my 3G service because of Apple's defective software. Apple created a problem that is costing me money and now they tell me the solution is to give them more money. This is preposterous. We should all be infuriated. We support Apple's products and wish to continue to use them despite the fact that they can not deliver a tenable operating system or acceptable customer service. Apple must recognize these issues and deliver solutions on the platforms that we have already bought and paid for.


    If Apple is unaware of these issues, they are incompetent. If they are aware and yet are claiming ignorance, they are liars. Apple gets to chose what company they want to be. We get to choose what companies to never give our business to again. Own up to the issue Apple and solve the problem. We demand better of you.