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Has anyone solved their wifi issues after new update of ios ? Coz i am having wifi issues since i updated my iphone 4s to 6.1.2 . I dont think it is a hardware failure... I have tried resetting my iphone as new device. I have checked my router settings which is a netgear make.


Please help if new software updates help solve this problem? I have updated this from 6.1.2 to 6.1.3 but unfortunately  the problem persisted after updating my device to latest ios running. I guess many are having same issues. GUYS WE MUST DO SOMETHING SO THAT APPLE LISTENS US ATLEAST.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2
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    have you tried working through the iOS Troubleshooting WiFi guide?  In most cases the culprit is not the iPhone unless something has actually failed, but a router that is not adhering to the IEEE 802.11 protocol strictly enough.  If you choose to work through the troubleshooting tips, when you get to the part about shutting down the router you need to disconnect power to the router.  Many routers do not shutdown when you hit the power button but instead go into standby mode.  It has to be taken down all the way so it comes back up and gets a new IP starting address from the service provider.

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    I have the exact same issue.  I could not even access my gmail/Yahoo. Not only this but iPhone KeyChain is also messed up.


       Apple has done bad job in this upgrade.

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    I am having the same - very frustrating - problem. We need help here. I will try router shut-down but everything was working just fine until the update. Now both iPad and iPhone keep losing connectivity!

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    Mac OS X

    There is no 6.1.3 WiFi issue. My WiFi works exactly the same way it did before the update. There is a WiFi issue in your phone.

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    I just got my 4S replaced at my local Apple store free of charge even though it is out of warranty for about a month and a half.  Don't waste your time with Apple Support over the phone as they are instructed not to do any hardware replacements but local store managers (I believe) have authority to replace the phones if they are determined that the updates caused the damage.  The store was packed with foreign tourists from Brazil replacing their defective 4Ss so get to your local Apple store quick before they change the policy once again. 

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    i followed your suggestion to unplug the router and that took care of the problem. I don't know why the update caused this problem but after I updated iPad and iPhone even the Apple TV lost internet connection.


    Anyway, problem solved. Thanks

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    There's a real answer. In most consumer grade routers the DHCP daemon, which is the app in the router that supplies IP addresses, eventually dies. Devices that are connected aren't affected because they already have an IP address. New devices, however, or devices whose "lease" has expired, won't be able to get an IP address, and thus cannot connect. When you update a device the volitile data in it gets cleared. This includes the IP address of the device, so when it encounters the network it requests a new IP address but doesn't get one. When you unplug the router this is equivalent to rebooting it and restarting the DHCP daemon.

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    One good news story, hope the others also succeed.

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    I have same WI-FI problem after 6.1.3 update it's started yesterday and very annoing ...

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    And what troubleshooting steps have you tried with a number included here?

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    There are a nubmer of "WiFi problems" so you have to be more specific about the issue you are having...can you describe it?  Greyed out WiFi button, failure to connect, failure to stay connected, etc?


    There is an 'I don't know why but it works trick' with greyed out WiFi:


    - Settings > Airplane Mode ON

    - Power down the iPhone and wait about 10 minutes

    - Power up the iPhone

    - Settings > Airplane Mode OFF


    A couple users have reported that helped.

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    I'm having the same issue since 6.1.2. I worked throught the various checklists and nothing has worked. What I have noticed is most of the 'fixes' require me to do someithing with my home router. I don't understand that as I use my phone as a hotspot or internet connection while I'm away from home and on 3G. That part doesn't make sense.


    When the phone is connected it is recognized in iTunes but not in the System Preferences Network Settings page.


    I used to connect my phone to my Mac via USB and opt to use the USB Only option for HotSpot with the Mac WIFI off. The blue bar on the phone comes on indicating that HotSpot is working. It has worked for me like that until 6.1.2. Since then the USB Only option does not work and I have to use WIFI on both the phone and the Mac. If I'm lucky, I get a connection and can get my mail and do some surfing before it drops the connection. The blue bar that comes up on the phone is there indicating the hotspot is on, but the connection is lost. A dozen or so resets, of either my Mac or my phone, later and I might get a connection again. That's no way to do business.


    All I did was update the phone when it told me there was an update available. Did I miss something?

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    I have the same problem with IOS 6.1.3 and wifi -- my wifi constantly TRIES to connect, but is eventually unable to.   Sometimes if I shut off the phone and turn it back on, it will connect.  My wifi is NOT grayed out, but 95% of the time the phone is on, it defaults to connect to the 4G network as opposed to my home network.  "cannot connect to wifi".     FYI - I have 5 other devices in my home all connected just fine to my wireless, so my home router is not the issue.  And of course, we've all seen the hundreds of reports on the internet and Apple Communities with folks having the same wifi issue after upgrading to IOS 6.1.3    Apple:  PLEASE fix this in the next update - SOON!   If I can't work wirelessly from home on my phone, I end up using up all my data plan too quickly and then getting charged incrementally because I don't have unlimited data.   I am using an iPhone 4S IOS 6.1.3 (10B329)  Modem firmware 3.4.03

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    You are not addressing Apple here, this will not be fixed with the next update, and the existing update has nothing to do with it or EVERYONE that installed the recent update would be experiencing the same.

    FYI - I have 5 other devices in my home all connected just fine to my wireless, so my home router is not the issue.


    This means you have not read all the posts in the thread.


    What troubleshooting steps have you tried if any?

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