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Plugged in IpodTouch this morning at work and all of a sudden the thing goes nuts -- beeping away madly with the icon showing that it's getting power going on and off, over and over. Reading that there may be some power issues in our building (and why our cafe is not running today) . Could that be it? Or has my power cord gone bad? 

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    Could be.. Some 5G iPods were shipped with Lightning cable that either did not work initially or failed after a short use.

    Try another cable/make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store. The cable is also covered by the warranty

    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar          

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    thanks!  I'm going to take the cord, and the power adapter (somewhat old) it plugs into, home and test it out there.  If it still won't work, then I'll take it over to my local Apple store. The lightening cord was purchased separately but at the same time as the iPodTouch5G (Dec 2012 -- Christmas gift -- so it's almost 3 months old)> The cord that came with the device itself is connected to my workstation at home and, as of last night, was working fine. But, as I stated up front, the adapter is pretty old (over 3 years).. and as I've found with others .. DO actually fail after a while. So need to determine which is failing - the cord or the power adapter. There was a power failure here early this morning (resoolved by the time I arrived), which may have inflicted nasty consequences when it was restored.

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    Isolated the problem. It's the USB power adapter. Lightening cord works fine. Using power adapter with my other lightening power cord elicited same effect. So will be buying new 12v USB power adapter.