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How do a person transfer picture from there computer back to there iphone 4s?

iPhone 4S
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    Use iTunes to sync them to your iPhone... http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4236

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    YOu sync them to your phone using iTunes http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1386

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    Here are my basic steps to transfer photos from computer to iPhone 4s: on your computer, put them all into a folder called iPhone Photos or whatever. Sync that folder to your iPhone using iTunes by plugging in your phone and making sure it's selected in the sync options panel. Add or delete from that folder on your computer, and resync as needed

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    Tara, I do it all the time and here is how I do it after trying many different techniques. it works very well indeed. Try it, I think you will like it.


    1. In your PC’s Windows File Manager create a new folder under My Pictures and name it as you wish, lets say Vacation. That name will be the name that will show up as an Album in your iPad.

    2. Delete the iPod Photo Cache folder (if there is one) under My Pictures (iPod is correct, not iPad). A new one gets created with every iTunes sync.

    3. Copy, not move, the pictures you want into the Vacation folder one by one in the order you want them displayed on your new iPad Album. (if you don't care about the display order, then copy them all at once)

    4) Connect your iPhone to your PC. Open iTunes, Click on the iPhone icon at the top, Select the Photos tab on the left, Click on Sync Photos, Select the folder/album you want to copy to your iPad and then click Apply/Sync at the bottom.


    The pictures you selected will now appear as an Album in your iPad Photos App and they will appear in the order you chose above. This works for iPads as well.


    One more thought... If you later want to delete the pictures, do a new Sync with no folders selected. You can also edit the folder in the PC, add or delete pictures as you wish, and sync it again as per the above. IOS devices have the nasty habit of ordering pictures in their own way and in contrast to PCs or Macs, the order is not easy to change. If you follow the steps above exactly as I described them, the pictures will appear in the order you want.



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    Check the date of OP

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    Wegras, unfortunately I did that after my post, I keep forgetting to do that first, at least here and there. Since I have these instructions on a Pages file I did not waste a lot of time.  Maybe they will help others....