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I've used garageband to make my podcasts for about a year now, with no problems.


Sometime in March, though, there were two changes to my setup and I started noticing big problems.


The first change was the upgrade to 6.0.5 of garageband, which happened in early march. The second was that my harddrive was full, so i started saving my garageband files to an external hard drive.


The issue I'm experiencing is that when I load up a saved GB files (from the External HD), it will give weird errors, like, "The File Type Is Not Supported," and "One Or Multiple Audio Files Changed In Length," and "Garageband found 1 audio file in 8-bit format - the file is unsupported and cannot be played back."


When the error messages stop appearing, large segments of my podcast are missing, or the segments will be blank with no audio.


Generally, if I get my entire podcast done in one go without saving/reloading it, this is not a problem.


I've lost hours of work with this bug.


Can anyone suggest a solution?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Time Machine