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I have a verified rescue email address, yet when I open the security questions page there is no link that says "Forgot your answers? Send reset security info email to dxxx@mac.com". I do not live in the US so I cannot call Apple Support. How else can I reset my security questions?

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    Go to the ExpressLane at https://expresslane.apple.com and then iTunes and iTunes Store

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    Thank you for your quick reply. I have been there already and they offer two solutions for resetting security questions.


    The first is a tutorial on how to do it. I have gone through it and step 5 says "If you are unable to remember your answers, you can choose to send an email to your rescue email to reset your security questions. Note: The option to send an email to reset your security questions and answers will not be available if a rescue email address is not provided. You will need to contact iTunes Store support in order to do so." I already have a verified rescue address (needless to say, different from my primary Apple ID email address) but no link appears beneath the questions as in the screenshot shown in the tutorial. The link is supposed to say "Forgot your answers? Send security info email to dxxx@mac.com" but it is simply not there.


    The second solution is to call Apple Support now. This option does not work for me because I live in Beirut, Lebanon, and I currently do not have a US phone number that I can provide to Apple. The form I need to fill to call Apple requires a Us phone number. I can change the country but Lebanon is not listed and it says below "Other Countries: If your country is not listed, support is not offered through this web tool. You can visit Apple's support site if you need more help."


    Any suggestions?

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    Hi quantumHead,


    I recently encounter a similar issue like yours and want to share my experience if in your case it's not yet resolved.


    Like you:

    > I am now outside of USA.

    > I forgot answers to my Security questions (set years ago).

    > I could not follow to link to security info e-mail since I did not provide. (The alternative e-mail was for resetting Apple ID password only, which was designed separated from associating to Rescue mail.)


    According to my experience (today actually), I had a viable solution -- to select [Call Apple Later] from https://expresslane.apple.com/ServiceOptionAction.action.

    Here's the info: 1-800-275-2273; 7:00a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central and refer to your Case ID.

    You can also explain the case if you don't have a Case ID. Note that you would have to PAY though for the call since the "800 support number" is not free outside of the united states.


    To save time when you are on a paid call, have one of the Apple devices already associated with your Apple ID and able to connect to Internet. What Apple Support verifies from you is to match a Temporary PIN generated from [Manage your Apple ID] at http://appleid.apple.com and your Apple ID with one of the security data.


    The Support will guide you through the following steps.

    1. You will be asked to click on [Manage your Apple ID] to sign in.
    2. Click on [Password and Security] on the left side of the page and click on [Temporary Support PIN] on the bottom of the page.
    3. Generate and provide the 4-digit PIN to Apple Support.
    4. After matching the generated 4-digit PIN, you need answer correctly to 1 of your 3 preset Security questions or to provide a serial number from the Apple device that links with your Apple ID.
    5. Apple Support then will set the Security questions to its original state and ask you to sign out and again sign into your Apple ID account.
    6. After sign-in, select [Password and Security] to re-do your Security settings.
      IMPORTANT: Please remember to add [Rescue mail] followed by setting up Security questions and answers.


    I would suggest you to record all reset security information, just in case the memory does not serve right one day and you can have a personal backup reminder that is handy.


    Good luck and hope this helps.