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I purchased some TV series from iTunes, to play on my iPad.


I don't want or need to download these TV shows to my MacBook as well.


How can I prevent the TV shows from downloading to the MacBook?

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 17 inch
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    If you mean that they automatically download from the store then you can turn that off via iTunes > Preferences (command-comma) : automatic downloads.


    But you should take a backup of them - if anything happened to your iPad there is no guarantee that you will be able to re-download them from the store (content providers occasionally remove their items).

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    Thanks. However, when I go to those Prefs (Automatic Downloads) there are check marks for Music, Apps, and  Book, but not Movies or TV Shows.

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    Also one other things ... as things (such as Movies, TV shows) download to the iPad, does the Download continue when the iPad (automatically) goes to sleep, or do you need to keep waking it up to resume the Download?

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    I forgot that TV shows and films don't appear there. I assume that they copy over when you sync the iPad to your computer ? If they do then you can take a backup copy of them when they do, and then delete the film/tv show files from your computer, but leave the 'pointers' to them in your iTunes library (i.e. what you would click on to play them in iTunes) - that should stop iTunes from copying them back again from your device next time.

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    Thanks for your help.


    I think I understand, but there is another factor in play here. In the village here I live I pay more when I download more, so I'm trying to prevent the shows from downloading to more than one device in the first place.


    At the moment, with both devices (MacBook and iPad) on, the movies are downloading to both of them.


    Of course I can Pause the download, but it will resume when I open iTunes again.