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Hi and thanks for support!


I've recently bought my new Pioneer car radio (http://www.pioneer.eu/it/products/25/121/61/MVH-350BT/page.html) and I'm very happy with iPhone bluetooth integration. I can listen to music and call Siri from my radio with phone in my pocket. Great!


My problem is that Siri volume is very low over bluetooth. When I use Siri without bluetooth I can hear Siri normally, I can adjust volume with + or - buttons. But when in my car, with iPhone paired with my car radio, audio is routed to audio system and +,- button will not work. If i raise up volume from car radio I'll raise global volume so I'll hear Siri, but when returning to music it will be very very loud.


In conclusion: Siri volume is not adjustable over bluetooth, + or - button will not work and Siri's speech volume is low. Music volume is normally instead. If I use Siri without bluetooth volume is normal and adjustable.




Best Giovanni

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2