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Ever since accidentally opening a spam email yesterday my iphone 5 has not bee working right. Is there a chance that it is because of malware.

iPhone 5
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    Is your iPhone jailbroken?


    If not, then not very likely.



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    No, not jailbroken I wouldn't know how to do that! but now when try to load one webpage that i went to it tells me there is a runtime error. My iPad and pc are working its working with the wi-fi. noticed that when I turned off my wi-fi that the page would load.  Weird. And then there is yesterday when playing the scrabble app. I clicked on an add and safari would open very briefyl and then automatically go to the app store. Are these Three things all coincidence and how do i fix the runtime error. I have tried deleting cookies and history, Turned off the phone and back on and then a reset. I am afraid to sync with pc in case of malware. Trying not to restore in case I mess it up even more. Please any more advice you can give me. Thank-you for replying