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I know that this has been beaten to a pulp, but having issues myself and have not been able to find an answer.

Hard drive failure in my server, so re-installed and updated everything to 10.7.5 without any issues, 1000+ users recreated. Sharepoints setup and thought that I would be good to go. Users go to log in and get the "You are not able to log in at this time" error.

So I would think that it was my sharepoint and permissions, because if I create a user and map his home directory to the default location, I have no issues. What I don't understand, if I log into the computer as the local admin, connect to my server and use a users login, I am able to connect to their home folder without any issue.

This one has me baffled, as I am sure that the permissions are correct on the share, just not sure why it will not map. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just as a side not and not sure if this is the issue or not. The SSD is where the main OS is, and I have three 2TB drives in Raid for storage of my "Users" home folders. Now, I have bad battery and one on order, could this be the cause of my issues.