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Got a new iMac (10.8.latest). Trying to transfer my old Mac Pro (10.7.latest) to it. The Mac Pro will not migrate (hung 3 different times at 1:29 left, 1:30 left, and 1:31 left), will not backup to Time Machine (hangs at calculating size), and when I try to move the user folder I get the following error:


The Finder can't complete the operation bcause some data in "download.m4v" can't be read or written. (Error code - 36)


I did a Spotlight search for "download.m4v" and come up empty handed. Any idea where this file might be?

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    I went to Home Folder > Music > iTunes > iTunes Music > Downloads


    And found some folders with download.m4v in them. I deleted them all, so we'll see if that does it.

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    The home folder transfered over to an external hard drive. Now that these "download.m4v" files have been deleted I'm attempting to backup via Time Machine again.


    The thing has been saying "Calculating size..." for about 3 hours now, but I can hear both hard drives working. That is more than I can say for previous attempts.