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My iphone 5 is stuck in recovery mode.


Last week i took my iphone 5 to the genius bar as it kept powering off randomly. The technician recovered my phone and instructed me to do so if the problem happens again. The technician informed me that if the problem conitued to occur, I would have to swap my phone for a new one under the 1 year warranty. Of course, on my first day of traveling on a two week work trip, my phone began powering off randomly. Upon plugging into the USB on my laptop, itunes recommended the recovery. I began the process and now my itunes reads, "waiting for iphone" after downloading updated software & extracting it. The screen on the iphone displays the apple logo and an empty status bar. This has been this way for 8 hours.


There is no genius bar near my work trip. I have 12 days remaining here with no phone. What can i do?




iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    Try putting the iPhone into DFU mode by doing the following :


    Hold the home and power button for 10 seconds.


    Let go of the power button, but KEEP HOLDING the home button until iTunes has reconized your iPhone.


    And then click 'Restore'. It will restore the device & maybe update the iPhone, if the iPhone isn't updated already.


    Hope this helped!

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    I was able to execute this process, but it still did not complete. Itunes finally went a couple of steps farther in the resotre process. It went from "extracting software" through its different phases and stopped at "verifying iphone restore with apple". It acts as if it completed the verify and then before going to the next step, it just pops up a prompt saying, " This iphone cannot be restored (error 9)".


    I have repeatedly received error code 2009 until i executed this process. Seems like this was an improvement though.


    Thank you and anything else???

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    Have you managed to get it working? My brand new iPhone 5 is stuck at the same situation after following Apple's request to update it to 6.1.3. My iPhone 4S updated successfully (slowly than usual though).


    Anyone else having the same problem?



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    The endstate was that i returned my iphone to the Apple Store at the genius bar in Wellington Green, FL. They replaced the phone for a number of reasons. Thank you Wellington Green and Ryan R!!!!