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This is the second time I've gotten locked out and all i want to do is buy itunes match.. I know my password and have my credit card.. but it wont let me use it until i answer the question.. Please help?!

iTunes, Windows 8, Visa or Paypal
  • RaineStar Level 1 (75 points)

    To reset your security questions you need to have a rescue email address on your account (this is not the same as a secondary/alternate email).

    This article explains what a rescue email is, and how to add one to your account:




    Once you add a rescue email address to your account, there should be a link that sends to reset information to that email address.


    If you can't add or use your rescue email address, you will need to contact iTunes Support.

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    I tried this but I was unable to get the recovery link it doesnt show up..


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    You need to contact Apple, either through the link in the article RaineStar linked to or by phoning them.



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    If you decide to phone them using a number from the list Niel linked to, ask to speak with the Account Security Team, otherwise you will will be routed to their technical support team (AppleCare).  They should be able to help you get your security questions reset.