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I have been using the same HP Pavilion DV6400 since 2007 and I would really like to switch to a mac. I am going to wait until the annual back to school promo starts when I can get the regular $100 off for being a student plus whatever goodies apple decides to throw in this year, probably a gift card. Anyways what I was wondering is since I will be waiting till the 3Q anyways until I get the rMBP should I buy the model that is out now and probably get a cheaper price or do I get the one that will have just been released?

Are there any major problems with this version of the MacBook Pro retina that will be fixed with the hardware of the upcoming 3Q rMBP or is it just software issues that can be resolved on any version of the rMBP?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Other OS
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    If you wish to have the latest model, wait until if and when new model is released.



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    You are asking us to speculate which is against the TOS here. We don't know when the next version will come out. We don't know what Apple will change. Anyone who does know these things is bound by a non-disclosure agreement.


    My answer to questions like this hasn't changed since the mid 90s. If you need the computer buy it. Don't wait because waiting for the next newest and best is a mug's game. As soon as the newest and best is released you can begin waiting for the next newest and best and never buy. I had a friend who did that for nearly 10 years.

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    Well since Ive heard problems with the retina displays and fan troubles, all Im really wondering is that can those things be fixed with an apple software update or is a more indepth hardware fix needed.If it is hardware related then im sure the newer version will have those fixes and therefore I would get that one. However if software updates will solve any problems with the retina then I might as well get the one that is out now.


    I am not looking for the latest and the greatest of the retina, I have just heard horror stories about faulty screens and fans and I dont want to dish out a couple grand to get a computer that may have such problems.

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    If you are still in the 'back to school' category, I'd suggest skipping the rMBP altogether for the normal MBP. Save the cash for the peripherals that you're going to be needing soon anyway.

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    I agree with 'dwb'. We don't know what the new rMBP will be like, if there will be one. If you are waiting until then anyway, then try ask again at that point when we all know what the difference is between the new one and the 'old' one.


    I have a rMBP 13" (late 2012 model) since 6 weeks and I have none of those problems you have mentioned. I only have read about it on forums like this and it made me paranoid, but mine is really perfectly fine. Like, perfect *knock on wood*. And I am a very critial person.


    Even if you decide to buy one and some problems occur within one year, then you still have your Apple Care warranty in the worst case plus a 90 days free telephone support for all your questions. And remember; no product is perfect or there is no guarantuee that yours will be perfect. Even if you are buying a stable model like the 'normal' MacBook Pro or the Air.


    Also it is 'normal' that you find lots of questions and defects about -in this case- the rMBP on online forums, because that is what these forums are for. People won't post things like 'wow my new rMBP is perfect', 'yeah mine is also perfect'. You know what I mean. There are also lots of 'defects' mentioned about the iMac or the iPhone5 for example.