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I just received my MacBook Pro with Retina display with 2,6 GHz and all the standard "inside optins". I've been using my new mac quite much since I got it, which was like 5 days ago or so.

I'm really loving everything about it, except from one thing. I've notices that my mac tend to get pretty hot after 5 minutes or so with normal internetsurfing like facebook, reading blogs and streaming YouTube videos. This is mainly at the area over the keyboard and near the screen - including under my mac.


I'm really worried about my mac, if there might be anything wrong with my machine? Does anyone know if this is normal? Or if it's just kind of an issue or side effect?


But wait... 5 minutes ago, I tilted my screen a bit more backwards. It seems like my mac has started to cool down a bit more than it uses to? Is it possible that the heat comes from the screen that covers the ventilation of my mac?


Please help me, I'd be more than happy!

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    Well... I found out really qiuick that the heat didn't come from the screen that was too close to some of the ventialtions. My mac is still pretty hot, and I'm clueless. Any ideas for what this comes from or how I can fix it?

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    I have the same problem, when i am streaming videos in fullscreen(flash player). It gets insanely hot...

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    Playing Flash videos will heat up your machine - no question about that. But your MacBook Pro shouldn't heat up to the point where it's uncomfortable hot - remember this is a NOTEBOOK and not a LAPTOP.


    When your temps go up, so should your fans speed up.



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    I noticed exactly the same thing - it gets hot without any apparent CPU activity. It seems like Flash actually doesn't show in the activity monitor.


    I found a solution. I updated my version of Flash Player and the problem went away. Flash is still a CPU hog but the actual problem seems to have been that once started, Flash was never stopping, even when the website using it was closed. Therefore multiple instances of Flash just built up over and over until eventually the machine was getting super hot and the fans were running at full blast. I discovered this by installing the free app "FlashFrozen" and also "smcFanControl" so I could monitor Flash activity and fan speed in the menu bar.


    Anyhow, the problem seems to have been caused by Flash Player 11.7 - upgrading to Flash Player 11.8 eliminated the problem because each instance of Flash now does stop as it should when it is no longer being used.