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Hello everybody,

recently I created a book with iBooks Author that now I have to present in a series of lectures.


The book begins with a video (which serves as the real cover)  inserted as intro media.


What's the problem? I need to start the book  from the opening video when I tap the cover in the iBooks library on the iPad. I noticed it only starts the first time you download the book, instead I want to reproduce this "viewing experience" when I want.


Can somebody explain the trick to do that?




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    Did you check the 'More Like This' links on the right?

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    Yes, I checked...


    This is a reply I found on a thread, concerning my same problem: any idea how to solve the problem?




    Unfortunately this still doesn't solve the problem that the intro media only autoplays once - the first time you ever open the book. Unlike the previous version of iBooks when you swipe back to the intro media from within the book it remains stuck on the first frame - you have to tap to get the controls up and then tap play, the controls stay put and obscure the media.

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    If I had anything to add to those existing discussions, I would not have hesitated to provide it, sorry.

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    from TOC view you can swipe back to the intro video.

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    According to iBooks default navigation, that isn't 'back', sorry.

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    So did anyone find a solution to this?  The intro video used to autoplay every time you opened the book (previous versions of iBooks Author).  Now you have to manually click it.


    I created a 4 second animation that fades from the cover to the TOC, but it's not worth the effort if they have to click it.

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    Hello J Mat, yes, I think I found the solution...


    You have to position the book at the first page immediately following the intro media, the one in which iBooks automatically leads you at the end of the intro media itself (usually it's the start of the first chapter)... Then you shut down the book and go back in the library.


    This done, once you click on the cover in the library, the book starts from the intro media.


    I've tried this several times and it always works...

    Let me know if everything's ok!