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I have had no problems with my macbook pro, however, It is unusual for me now. I was using logic and itunes was open in the background. I got an error message saying it was shutting down itunes and then the whole screen froze with a bunch of diagonal lines that all run paralell with eachother sort of like this ///////////////////////////////////////.down the whole monitor. I can't see through these lines and so i nervously reboot my computer to experience the SAME THING ON STARTUP. My computer wont boot although i see the lines of death and the apple startup icon. It will then go into a all blue screen without the lines and the go black and then back into a screen with the lines again. The lines are multi-colored and look like feedback on a tv. PLEASE HELP. I have already tried RAM reset.

I have recently installed the new update of MAC osx and also the SMU Firmwire or whatever update

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.4.6)