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I just bought a macbook pro and I want to know how to restore pictures that were backed up on iCloud but then deleted from my phone. Isn't that the point of the backup so I can delete and make more space. Please help!

MacBook Pro
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    Log into the iCloud on your MacBook Pro and enable Photo Stream:


    Then launch iPhoto and set iPhoto's Photo Stream preferences to the following:


    Then check the Photo Stream section of iPhoto:


    This is to confirm that the photos are still in Photo Stream. If they are they will be imported into the library. 


    NOTE: not all photos in an iPhone will be in the Photo Stream. PS only keeps photos in it for 30 days.


    If you have the missing photos in your library put them in an album.  Connect your iPhone to the Mac and open iTunes.  In iTunes you can select that album in the library and sync the photos to your iPhone to get them back on the iPhone.



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    I'm looking for my pictures that are backed up on icloud not photo stream. I purchased more space on icloud and one of the choices is to back up camera roll. I'm wondering where those pictures are because after I backed them up I deleted them off my phone but I'm under the impression that they are icloud. But logging onto icloud on my Mac there isn't even a place for photos just photo stream

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    I don't think iCloud is used for general file storage as this secton of iCloud: Backup and restore overview describes:


    What is backed up

    You get unlimited free storage for:

    • Purchased music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books
    • Notes: Backup of purchased music is not available in all countries. Backups of purchased movies and TV shows are U.S. only. Previous purchases may not be restored if they are no longer in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore.
    • Some previously purchased movies may not be available in iTunes in the Cloud. These movies will indicate that they are not available in iTunes in the Cloud on their product details page in the iTunes Store. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they have been refunded or are no longer available in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore.

    You get 5 GB of free iCloud storage for:

    • Photos and videos in the Camera Roll
    • Device settings (for example: Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts, Calendar accounts)
    • App data
    • Home screen and app organization
    • Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS)
    • Ringtones
    • Visual Voicemails
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    " Isn't that the point of the backup so I can delete and make more space."


    Nope.  It's for restoring your device to a certain point in case something bad happens.


    If the back up you're referring to was of your ios device, you'd have to do a wipe and restore of your device to get the pics back.